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About Google PageSpeed Tester

What is Page Speed?

Page speed is the time taken by a webpage to load on a browser from the time the request was sent till the completion of the loading. The speed of a webpage has many components like usage of scripts, images, server response time and internet speed. Though you can't control the internet speed many other elements can be easily monitored and improved for faster page loading. It is important to have a fast loading website as everyone like the pages to load faster. Also page loading speed is considered as a ranking factor by search engines to ensure site owners offer faster websites.

Google PageSpeed Insights Tool

Google offers a special tool called PageSpeed Insights to check the speed score and other relevant details of a webpage. Here is a free PageSpeed Insights Tester tool using Google PageSpeed API and offers the following three important information.

1. PageSpeed Score

Enter the domain name to see the PageSpeed score in a graphical meter as shown below:

PageSpeed Score Graph

The green zone indicates good score and the page can load faster on browsers like Google Chrome.

2. Page Code Analysis

Page code analysis section shows the components used on that page like JavaScript, CSS, images and HTML codes. Use of more images and scripts will reduce the page speed drastically and is not recommended. Wherever possible use CSS instead of JavaScript and host all your images from a different domain or subdomain to improve the loading speed.

PageSpeed Code Analysis  

3. Page Optimization Suggestions

The last section shows the important optimization tips to improve the page loading speed. For example, the below example shows the suggestion to eliminate render blocking JavaScript and CSS above the fold content. This indicates that Google crawler can't get above the fold content of the page before loading the scripts and CSS. As the loading of scripts and CSS increase the page loading time, this has been offered as a suggestion to check whether you can remove the scripts and CSS without impacting the site's display. 

PageSpeed Optimization Tips  

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