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About AdSense Revenue Calculator

AdSense is a popular pay per click program for publishers from Google. Bloggers and site owners can display advertisements on their site and earn money from the advertisers based on the number of people clicking on the ads. If you wonder how much you can earn from AdSense, here is a free online tool to calculate the estimated AdSense earnings.

How to Use the Tool?

The AdSense revenue calculator needs the following inputs:

1. Daily Page Impressions:

Page impression is the number of impressions of the advertisements on your website. Let us take an example that you have 3 ads on a page. When any visitors view that page, it will generate three ad impressions every time. Remember, ad formats like link units may work differently. Learn more about AdSense link unit ads and various ad formats.  

2. Page CTR:

CTR stands for Click Through Rate. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by number of impressions. When you have received 10 clicks on a day for 1000 impressions then CTR is calculated as below:

Click Through Rate = (10/1000)*100 = 1%

In general, the CTR will be around 1% for any normal site. 

3. Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click or CPC is the amount given to a publisher from the advertiser for a click. Let us assume, an advertiser pays $1 when a visitor clicks on your ad. Google deducts a portion of their revenue and pays the remaining to you through AdSense account. This is called revenue sharing model and Google collects the commission for acting as a medium between publishers and advertisers.

Google takes the commission of 32% for content ads and 49% for search box.

Output of the Tool

The tool will get the estimated earnings and number of clicks as output for daily, monthly and yearly like below.

Output of AdSense Calculator Tool

Sample Earnings Calculation

Here is the sample earnings calculation from the tool:


Daily page impressions: 1000

Page CTR: 1%

Cost per click: $ 0.5


Daily Earnings: $ 5

Monthly Earnings: $ 150

Yearly Earnings: $ 1800

Daily Clicks: 5

Monthly Clicks: 300

Yearly Clicks: 3600

Where Can You Find Impressions and CTR Details

You can get all relevant details of CTR, CPC and impressions under the report section of your AdSense account. Remember the estimated earnings is always an estimation as the name indicates. The final earnings will be less than the estimation after deducting the amount of invalid clicks on your site.

Estimated earnings = $ 100 

Cost of invalid clicks = $ 3

Final earnings = 100 - 3 = $ 97

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