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About Page Speed Checker

A webpage is a collection of many resources like CSS, scripts, images and other files. Page speed checker is a free online tool to analyze how the resources on a webpage impact the loading speed of a webpage. You can enter any URL and hit the submit button. The result will contain the following section:

  • Time Taken - addition of sequential loading time of all resources on the URL.
  • CSS Links - list of all CSS files linked to the webpage along with the loading time.
  • Script Links - list of all scripts used on the page along with loading time.
  • Image Links - list of all images used on the page along with loading time.
  • Other Resource Links - list of all other resources used on the webpage with loading time.

This is a very useful way of analyzing the time taken by each component on a given webpage. For example, you can check how a plugin installed on your site impacts the page loading time using this tool.

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