Roman to Arabic Date Converter

Free tool to convert Roman numeral date format to Arabic numeral date format with single click and with different separators.

Roman to Arabic Date Converter

Select month, date, year, format and delimiter and click on "Convert" button to get Roman numeral date to Arabic numeral date format.


About Roman to Arabic Date Converter

Roman Numeral System

Roman numerals system was popular in Roman Empire and was used throughout Europe for long time. Instead of using numbers, Roman numeral system uses only Latin alphabets to represent counts. Arabic numerals system, which we use today, replaced Roman numeral system after the decline of Roman empire. Though, you can find Roman numbers in many applications even today.

Examples of Roman Numbers in Today World

There are many places you can still see the Roman numbers are in use.

  • Many wristwatches and wallclocks still show the numbers in Roman format.
  • You can find the Roman numbers in many examination question papers.

Clock with Roman Numbers


Roman to Arabic Date Converter

You will get confused, when looking at the dates in Roman numerals format. If you ever wanted to convert the Roman numeral date into current Arabic numeral format then here is a free tool to do that conversion for you.

Roman Numerals Date Converter

You can use the Roman numeral date converter tool to convert the Roman date format to Arabic format.

  • Select the date you want to convert by choosing the month, day and year from the corresponding dropdowns.
  • Choose the output date format as DD.MM.YYYY or MM.DD.YYYY. the available delimiters are dot, bullet, dash, space, underline and slash.
  • Click on the “Convert” button to get the result.
  • The result section will show you the date in both Roman and Arabic format.

Roman to Arabic Date Converter

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