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Free meta tag generator tool to generate meta tags for site title, description, author, keywords, robots meta tags, language and search control.

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What are Meta Tags?

Meta tags are HTML tags part of the header section of a webpage and inform the structured metadata information to search engine crawlers. For example, you can add robots meta tags to tell crawlers not to index or not to follow the links on the page. Besides controlling robots, meta tags decides the search engine results display of a webpage. Below is how the meta title and description are shown in search results of Google:

Meta Tags in Google Search

How to Use Meta Tags Generator Tool?

So it is important to use proper meta tags in order to improve the search engine ranking of your site. Here is a free meta tag generator tool allows you to create the following tags:

  • Site Title - Enter title of your webpage up to 70 characters length. Use attractive words for title as this is the first line shown in search engine results. Strict to the length so that the title will not get truncated in search results. 
  • Site Description - Enter short description up to 150 characters explaining the excerpt of the content on your page. Ensure to have descriptive and meaningful meta description as it will be shown in search engine results. Strict to the length of the description so that it will fit in the search results without trunction.  
  • Site Keywords - Enter the keywords used on the page, currently most of the search engines do not use meta keywords.
  • Index - Generally select yes for search engines to index your site. Select no to block search engines from indexing and showing your page on the search results.
  • Nofollow - Choose yes or no to inform search engines crawlers whether to follow all the links on the page or not.
  • Content Display - Choose UTF-8 for content display unless you specifically want other types listed.
  • Language - Meta language informs search engines about the language of the page. This helps search engines to your page on the regional searches properly.
  • Search Engine Revist - Enter number of days between revisting to control search engine crawlers.
  • Author - Enter the author of the page. This information may be used on rich snippets shown in search results.

Click on the "Generate Meta Tags" button generate the required tags online.

Adding and Viewing Meta Tags on a Webpage

You can copy and paste the generated codes under header section of your web page between <head> and </head> tags. Once the page is published, right click on the browser and view the page source to ensure the meta elements added are available.

Viewing Meta Tags of a Webpage

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