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Have a keyword and wanted to find related popular keywords? Use our free online keywords suggestion tool to get top ten search keywords for any given keyword.

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Importance of Keywords

Keywords are the important factor to decide the popularity of a webpage. Here are some of the factors to use keywords on your articles:

  • Focus on the practical keywords users use on Google search in your article.
  • Use the focus keywords in first and last paragraph of the article.
  • Ensure the title and meta description contain your focus keywords.
  • Include keywords in headings inside the article.

All these factors will help you to distribute the keywords throughout your article and rank your articles high in Google and other search engines.

How to Use Keywords Suggestion Tool?

Though you may be concentrating on one keyword, it is a good idea to know the related keywords for your main keyword. Our free keyword suggestion tool will help you to find top 10 search keywords for any given word. Just enter your keyword in the input text box and hit submit button. The result will show the list of top ten keywords will be suggested.

Practical Example of the Tool

You can find additional keywords using this tool and create relevant articles focusing on the suggested keywords. This will help you to improve the domain authority of your site. For example, if your focus keyword is "WordPress" then writing additional articles on "WordPress Theme", "WordPress Plugins", etc. will strengthen the domain authority of your site for the keyword "WordPress". Over the period of time you will see very good ranking on search engines. You can also get ideas for the focus keywords using a chain search like below:

Keywords Suggestion Tool 

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