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Check the strength of your password with our free online password strength checker tool and have a strong password for your logins.

Password Strength Checker

About Password Strength Checker

Using Complex Passwords

Nowadays it is necessary to have a complex password for all your need. Especially banking sites do not allow to have simple passwords due to security reasons. We recommend you to check all your existing passwords are complex using the below rules.

  • Use passwords with more than 10 characters
  • Have special characters and symbols
  • Use mix of capital and small letters
  • Don't use the same username as password
  • Change your passwords in periodic interval
  • Use two factor authentication for secured login
  • Don't share the password with unknown people
  • It is a good idea to have a password management tool for storing all you detail. Generally these tools use cloud storage hence you can access the detail from anywhere

Using Password Strength Checker Tool

While password generator tool allows you to create a complex password, this password strength checker tool helps to check the strength of any given text. Just enter the password and the tool will automatically show the strength with one of the following:

  • Very Weak
  • Weak
  • Medium
  • Strong
  • Very Strong

It is highly recommended to have strong or very strong passwords for your logins.

Top 100 Weak Passwords You Should Not Use

Here is a list of top weak passwords that you should not use. These passwords may be easy to remember. However, hackers can easily steal your information if you are using one of these passwords for login into any websites or apps.

Weak Passwords
123456 matthew
12345678 jordan
qwerty asshole
password daniel
12345 andrew
123456789 lakers
letmein andrea
1234567 buster
football johsua
iloveyou 1qaz2wsx
admin 12341234
welcome ferrari
monkey cheese
login computer
abc123 corvette
starwars blahblah
123123 george
dragon mercedes
passw0rd 121212
master maverick
hello fuckyou
freedom nicole
whatever hunter
qazwsx sunshine
trustno1 tigger
654321 1989
jordan23 merlin
harley ranger
password01 solo
1234 banana
robert chelsea
summer 1990
1991 phoenix
amanda cookie
ashley bandit
killer aaaaa
pepper jessica
zaq1zaq1 jennifer
test hockey
dallas passwor
michelle admin123
pussy pass
asdf william
soccer london
1q2w3e 1992
biteme maggie
querty rangers
charlie martin
ginger golfer
yankees thunder

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