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Domain and Subdomains and are considered as two different sites by Google and other search engines. The main domain is and any other names like are considered as a separate subdomains. Hence, you need to be careful and setup proper redirection between www and non- www versions of your site. Otherwise search engines will think the content is duplicated on two different sites and show both sites in search results.

Redirecting WWW and Non-WWW Version of Website

From SEO perspective, there are no big difference in choosing between WWW and non-WWW version. However, WWW is a preferred version as people used to remember the domain name along with WWW traditionally. In addition, some hosting companies like SiteGround needs you to have WWW domain in order to connect to Cloudflare CDN. Whatever the version you use on your domain, it is necessary to setup proper 301 redirect between the versions.

If you prefer WWW version, then make sure your non-WWW version is redirecting to WWW version properly. Remember, this is not only about a home page, you need to setup a regex 301 redirect that all the pages on your site are redirected to the corresponding pages on other version. You can use our htaccess redirect generator tool to create redirection directives for this purpose. 

WWW Redirect Checker Tool

After you setup your preferred version, it is necessary to check the redirection is working fine. Here is a free tool to check the redirection between www and non-www versions of your site is working fine. Simply, enter the domain name and click "Submit" button. The tool will check the redirection and confirm the status. Make sure the status is showing as "Good" indicating the redirection on your site is working fine.

WWW Redirect Generator

Note: Earlier, Google Webmaster Tools (Search Console) offers an option to choose your preferred domain to show in search results. However, this has been removed now and Google will automatically find the available version based on your redirect setup. In addition, you need to submit XML Sitemap for your preferred version in Google Search Console and in other search engine's Webmaster Tools account.

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