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Wanted to check the originality of the content? Here is a free plagiarism checker tool to find the duplicate content based on Google search results to make sure your content is not part of any other site on the web.

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What is Plagiarism?

Plagiarism means copying and in this digital world it indicates stealing content from other websites or source. There are millions of websites available online and the content stealing is one of the biggest problems for online publishers. Many website owners simply steal the content from other websites, rewrite and publish as their own. In addition, there are also other problems like duplicating student projects, essays and published eBooks.

Why You Should Check Plagiarism of Your Articles?

Frankly, there are no need to check plagiarism if you write the article on your own. However, it is not possible for you to publish the content consistently especially when running multiple blogs. In addition, you may also inherit some sentences from other sites unintentionally.

  • Check plagiarism to make sure you do not publish duplicate content like any other existing websites.
  • When you purchase content from freelancers, it is necessary to verify the content is unique before you pay for them.
  • Unique content helps to add value in the entire ecosystem and builds trust with your readers.
  • There are possibilities that your website can rank better in search engines like Google compared to copycat websites.

In addition, students can use the plagiarism checker to confirm the essays and project documents are unique and not stolen form some books.

How to Use Plagiarism Checker Tool?

There are hundreds of plagiarism checker tools available on the internet. Most of them are premium targeting large scale content publishers. Here is a free plagiarism checker tool from us for anyone who wants to check the duplicate content.

There are four options to use our plagiarism checker tool.

  • Paste Your Article - Simply paste the content in the text box and click on “Check Plagiarism” button to get the results.
  • Upload File – you can upload your article in .txt, .docx, .doc, .pdf or .rtf format and check the duplication.
  • Dropbox and Google Drive – directly upload the file from Dropbox and Google Drive (currently these options are not available in the tool)
  • Check plagiarism via URL – provide the webpage URL and import the content for checking plagiarism.

We recommend using the copy paste method as it is easy to use. Note that we do not store any of the content you provide as input and guarantee the privacy of your work.

How Plagiarism Tool Works?

The tool simply works based on Google Search API. We use Google Custom Search API keys to allow the tool searching billions of similar pages in Google. You may wonder, what is the difference in searching with Google and using this tool. Google will limit the keywords to 32 when searching and our tool allows you to search with 1000 words. This is sufficient for testing the entire article in most cases. If your article is more than 1000 words, you can split into two sections and check two times.

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Similarly, checking sentence by sentence in Google search manually is kind of impossible task. Therefore, you can easily paste the entire article in our tool and get the result in few seconds.

Reading Plagiarism Tool Output

The output of the tool depends upon the detected plagiarism on your article. If there are no plagiarism, you will see 100% unique as a result.

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Further, you have three options to analyze the results.

  • Sentence Wise Result – this is the default view that shows the uniqueness of each analyzed sentences.
  • Matched Sources – find the source that matches your content. This is useful only if your content is similar to any other online source.
  • Document View – view you the provided article in a document view.

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When your content has plagiarism, the tool will show which sentence in the article is duplicated along with the source. You will see the percentage of plagiarism and unique content in your article. Click on the “Compare” button at the end of plagiarized sentence. This will open Google search and show the matching website containing the sentence.

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So, this tool is useful in finding how much percentage your content is unique and also the matched websites for the plagiarized content.

Penalties and Impact of Plagiarized Articles

For student and other project use, submitting plagiarized content will have big impact. You might lose marks or the project can be cancelled when the approving authorities find you have copied content from other sources. Unfortunately, Google will not penalize the plagiarized websites for duplicate content. However, you may find the webpages are not ranking well as there is a similar old content already existing in the search results. However, we strongly recommend to respect other’s work and do not steal content.

If you find plagiarism on your own content, you can use our article rewriter tool to change the sentences to make it unique.

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