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About Keywords Finder Tool

Keywords are important to rank the page high on search engines. When you are writing an article on SEO, the word SEO should appear on your title, meta description, headings and content. At the same time over usage or stuffing keywords will negatively impact the SEO of your site. So it is necessary to check the density of the keyword on your pages to ensure that you have appropriately used the words without affecting your SEO.

Here is a free keywords finder tool which can be used to find all keywords on a page. Enter the URL and click on the submit button to see the following details:

  • Total number of keywords on that page
  • Density of each keyword in %

You can use this tool to check whether you have used the required keywords with more density than other words. Also ensure to have the keyword density of around 10% for better user experience as well as for better results on search engines.

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