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Free online color picker tool to get the RGB, HSL, HSV and HEX code values for any visual color. Also, keep multiple colors in the palette and compare the visual look.

Color Picker Tool

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About Color Picker Tool

Using Correct Colors

Whether you are creating a small presentation or running a large website, choosing the correct color is important for having successful output. Colors are generally expressed in two major ways – one is using hexadecimal value and other is using red, green, blue (RGB) mix. Though you can easily remember colors like white and black, remembering the code values for all colors is impossible. Especially, this makes web designers spend lot of time in looking for converting color values. Also, choosing the hex code or RGB value of any particular color needs a tool like color picker.

Color Picker Tool

If you are struggling to get the different code values for the colors your like then here is a free tool for you. You can add multiple colors in the palette and get RGB, HSL, HSV and HEX code values quickly. Simply drag and drop any color to the list and keep it for quick reference. You can also drag the color to "Trash" and delete it from the list.

Add Color to List

Compare Colors Visually

If you want to quickly compare the colors visually, simply drag and add the bottom box. Double click on any color to view the RGB, HSL and HEXA values. Move and keep the color boxes next to each and other for visual comparison. You can also use the Z index value to keep one color box on another and compare it visually.

Compare Colors Visually

Features of the Tool

  • Select predefined colors based on Hue, Saturation, Lightness and Alpha values.
  • Lock Hue, Saturation, Lightness or Alpha and change the preset.
  • Get RGB, HEXA, HSL and HSV color codes.
  • Add your favorite colors to palette and use them quickly.
  • Compare colors visually using Z index.
  • Toggle HSV and HSL values of the selected color.

Web Safe Colors

There are web safe colors that you can safely use on your website. These colors will not disturb the eyesight when viewing an image or reading content on your site. In addition, the collection of Flat UI Colors is very popular that you can use in your design.

Color Hex RGB
Turquoise #1abc9c rgb(26, 188, 156)
Green Sea #16a085 rgb(22, 160, 133)
Emerald #2ecc71 rgb(46, 204, 113)
Nephritis #27ae60 rgb(39, 174, 96)
Peter River #3498db rgb(52, 152, 219)
Belize Hole #2980b9 rgb(41, 128, 185)
Amethyst #9b59b6 rgb(155, 89, 182)
Wet asphalt #34495e rgb(52, 73, 94)
Wisteria #8e44ad rgb(142, 68, 173)
Midnight blue #2c3e50 rgb(44, 62, 80)
Sunflower #f1c40f rgb(241, 196, 15)
Carrot #e67e22 rgb(230, 126, 34)
Alizarin #e74c3c rgb(231, 76, 60)
Clouds #ecf0f1 rgb(236, 240, 241)
Concrete #95a5a6 rgb(149, 165, 166)
Orange #f39c12 rgb(243, 156, 18)
Pumpkin #d35400 rgb(211, 84, 0)
Pomegranate #c0392b rgb(192, 57, 43)
Silver #bdc3c7 rgb(189, 195, 199)
Asbestos #7f8c8d rgb(127, 140, 141)


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