Tool to Combine Words in Multiple Combinations

Free tool to combine three set of given words in all combinations by applying a separator and wrapper.

Word Combine Tool

Extra Options:

About Word Combine Tool

Word Combine Tool

Here is a free online tool to combine three given set of words in all combinations.

  • Type or paste your inputs in the three text boxes.
  • Click "Extra Options" and select a separator and wrapper if needed.
  • Click "Combine Words" button to generate the results by combining all three text boxes in different combinations.

Word Combine Tool

Separator and Wrap In Options

By default, the tool offers the following separators:

  • No separator
  • Plus +
  • Space 
  • Comma ,
  • Dot .

You can select the "Custom" option to use other separator symbols like pipeline |.

Below are the defaualt wrap ins available in the tool:

  • No wrap in
  • Brackets ()
  • Double quotes " "
  • Single quote ' '
  • Square brackets []

Select "Custom" option and provide "in" and "out" symbols to use them for wrapping in the result content.

Extra Options for Word Combiner

When to Use This Tool?

Let's say, you have three different text files which are sequential like file 1, file 2 and file 3. If you want to combine all the text content in three files, then copy paste the file’s content in three text boxes. Use “Space” as a separator and use [] as a wrap in option. Though you will get multiple combinations, the first section will show the completely content by combining all three file’s content. You can copy the content between the first […] section and save it as a new text file.

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