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Text Case Changer Tool

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About Text Case Changer Tool

Text Case Changer is a free tool helps to convert the given text in to the following formats:

  • Convert all letters to capital or upper case (THIS IS AN EXAMPLE)
  • Convert all letters to small or lower case (this is an example)
  • Convert first letter of each word to capital or upper case (This Is An Example)
  • Convert first letter of the sentence to capital or upper case (This is an example)
  • Convert alternate letters to upper and lower cases (tHiS Is aN ExAmPlE)

When you are using word processing tools like "Pages" on Mac, there is no auto capitalization function available. This will lead to missing capital or upper case letter for the first letter in a sentence. In such scenario when your article is not formatted properly, you can use this tool and choose the option "Sentence Case" to make it appropriate readable format.

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