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About Domain IP Checker

Each domain on the web is linked to an internet protocol (IP) address. Whenever the domain or site address is opened in a browser, it is being resolved to an IP address by Domain Name System (DNS) and the corresponding content is fetched from the server.

Domain IP Checker is a free tool to find the IP, hosting service provider and the country details. You can enter any domain name and get the IP address and the following details:

  • Domain name
  • IP Address
  • Country of hosting
  • Hosting company name 

Why Do You Need Domain IP?

There are many situations you may need the IP address and the related details of a domain.

  • You can copy and enter the IP address directly on the browser address bar to open the website. When you face resolving host problem in your local computer, use this tool to find the IP address and access the site directly using the IP on the browser.
  • You can easily find the hosting provider of the site and the country of hosting.

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