Bulk Facebook ID Finder from Profile URL

Find any Facebook ID from the profile URL using this free Facebook ID finder tool. You can get the bulk details by providing up to 20 links at once and export result as a file.

Bulk Facebook ID Finder

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About Bulk Facebook ID Finder

Facebook Username Vs User ID

Each Facebook account will have a profile URL which shows the username like www.facebook.com/WebNots/. However, Facebook also creates a numerical user ID linked with your profile. This user ID is assigned automatically whether you choose the username or not in the profile.  

Bulk Facebook ID Finder

Here is a free tool to find any Facebook user ID from the profile URL. You can get the bulk details by providing up to 20 links at once. Simply, type or paste the profile URLs and click "Get Facebook ID" button.

Get ID from Facebook Profile

The tool will show the result linking the provided profiles and corresponding IDs. Click the "Export" button to download the data as a plain text file.

Export Bulk Facebook ID

What is the Use of Facebook ID?

Facebook ID is useful in multiple situations:

  • Look up the profile details from ID.
  • Connect apps with your Facebook profile.
  • Troubleshoot app connection problems with user ID.

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