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About Wordpress Theme & Plugins Detector

WordPress Themes

There are hundreds of thousands of free and premium themes available for a WordPres. Themes can be downloaded from the free repository of official WordPress.org site which can be installed directly from the WordPress admin panel. You can also download themes from third party developers and upload through admin panel or using FTP.

How to Find Which Theme a WordPress Site Uses?

You may be interested in finding out the theme used on your favorite or your competitor's site. You can purchase the same theme for your or your client and start building the site. Generally all installed themes on a WordPress site will be stored under "/wp-content/themes/" folder. But you may not be able to access the folder as directory level browsing might have been disabled by the site admin for security reason. 

In such a case, the easy way to find the theme on a WordPress site to look for the comment section of the "style.css" file. The recommended and standard practice for building a WordPress theme is to add the following details in the stylesheet file.

Theme Name: Name of the theme
Theme URI: Theme URL location
Author: Theme's author
Author URI: Location of author's URL
Description: Short description of the theme
Version: Theme's version
License: License under which theme is distributed
License URI: URL of the license
Tags: Theme's tag like blogging, portfolio, etc.
Text Domain: Theme's text domain

By looking in to these details, it is easy to find the theme used by any of the WordPress site.

WordPress Plugins

Plugins are used to enhance or add the features to your site. For example, Yoast SEO plugin will help to optimize your site for search engines. Similar to themes, plugins can also be installed from free WordPress repository or purchased from other developers. All the installed plugins will be stored under "/wp-content/plugins/" folder.

How to Use This Tool?

Enter any website name and the tool will find the theme and plugins used on the site:


Theme name, author and other details along with preview image is displayed.

Finding WordPress Theme


List of all detected plugins is displayed along with the link to the plugin's home page. If the plugin is from WordPress repository then the default repository link is displayed otherwise a Google search link with the plugin name is displayed.

Finding WordPress Plugins

When you find a site is ranking high on search results then use this tool to find the theme and plugins. You can also use those theme and plugins to build your own site and rank high on search engines.

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