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About Server Status Checker

Keeping the up time of the server is important to offer interrupted website services to your users. When your site is down, Google crawler can instantly find out and display the error messages in Search Console. The frequent downtime of your site not only affects your visitors but also the ranking of your site on search engines. 

Here is free tool to check the server status of your site to ensure it is online. You can enter up to 100 site URLs and check the status in bulk with single click. The results will have the following details:

  • Serial number.
  • Entered URLs.
  • HTTP response code from the server, status code 200 indicates the server is responding and online. 
  • Response time from the server.
  • Status - current server status is indicated with online or offline.

Whenever your site is down use this tool to find whether the server is down or you are not able to access the site due to any other problem.

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