PayPal Donate Button Generator

Free PayPal donate button generator tool to show a floating donation button on left or right side of your webpage and accept donations of any amount to your PayPal id.

PayPal Donate Button Generator

Add a donate button to your website

Note:   Paste the above code before closing your body tag and also Jquery library is required to execute the code.

About PayPal Donate Button Generator

PayPal Donations

Donations are an easy way to help or say thanks to people. If you are offering any free services on your site, it is good to add a PayPal donate buttons. Many users are generous and will donate the amount to your which can be helpful for your free services.

Donate Button Generator

You can use this free PayPal donate button generator tool to create embed code for your donate button.

  • Select the colors for your button.
  • Position - select the position where you want to display the donate button. The available positions are left, right, footer left, footer right and footer middle.
  • PayPal Email - type your PayPal email address.

Donate Button Inputs

Previewing Donate Button

Click on the "Preview" button to show the real-time demo of how your donate button will look like. The donate button will show as a slide out widget on the selected position. Click on the widget to expand. You can test the position based on your website's layout and adjust the colors if required.

Donate Button Demo

Donations Amount

The tool will show the default values of 5USD, 15USD, 25USD and 50USD with 100USD in the text box. Users can edit 100USD to enter any custom amount and send to the given PayPal email address.

Generating Donate Button

After you are happy with the display in the demo page, click on "Generate" button to get the HTML code for your PayPal donate button. You have to embed this code inside the body section of the page in which you want to display the button. In addition, you need jQuery library for the button to work properly. Most of the website builders by default use jQuery. However, if the button does not work, make sure to download and link the jQuery script on the footer section of your website.

Donate Button Widget Code

PayPal Donations Limitations

Remember, the tool will generate the donate button based on your PayPal email address. However, PayPal does not allow donations based on the country's legal limitations. You will see the error from PayPal like below when clicking on the checkout with PayPal button. This is the error from PayPal and not from the widget. 

PayPal Donations Error 

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