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Free online currency converter tool to get currency exchange rates between 40 currencies with live values. Simply choose your currency value and get the the live result.

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1 USA Dollars equals
83.57 Indian Rupees
1 USA Dollars = 83.57 Indian Rupees

Note: Currency rates are dynamic and changes lively.

About Online Currency Converter

Currency Converter Tool

Here is a free currency conversion tool to convert any given currency to your favorite currency. The tool will provide you the current exchange rate value and calculate the amount you have provided. You can type any amount in the box and get the instant conversion on the screen.

Why You Need Currency Conversion?

There are more than 200 countries available in this world and most of them use their own currency. Though some countries use the same currency name the actual value differs completely. For example, dollar is the currency used by USA, Canada, Australia and many other countries. However, US dollar and Australian dollar are having different value. Therefore, it is essential to use the conversion tool to get the correct money value.

There are many reasons to keep track of the currency value.

  • You may be working in a foreign country and regularly transfer fund to your origin country.
  • For doing currency trading, you need to understand the base selling and purchasing price.
  • You may need to send funds for you children or someone studying in abroad.
  • When you travel to another country for tour or business purposes.

How to Send Money Across Countries?

There are multiple options available to send money across countries using different currencies.

  • International Bank Transfer (Wire Transfer) – nowadays, you can send money to any local account using the SWIFT code, account number and account name. In addition, there could be additional identification codes for banks needed like Indian Financial System Code (IFSC) used by Indian banks.
  • PayPal is one of the best options to handle money in USD and pay for online transactions.
  • Western Union – this is also another popular option if you prefer to send or receive money with support.

Make sure to understand the local law and limitations when sending and receiving money to other country. For example, you can’t keep the money in your Indian PayPal account and it should be mandatorily transferred to the bank account on daily basis.

Important When Using Currency Conversion Tools

Remember, the value you see in the tool may be different when you actually buy or sell your money in the exchange. The reason is that there are brokers and banks who will cut the commission and you have to pay service fee for remitting money.

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