Article Keywords Density Checker

Free online article keywords density checker tool to find number of keywords used on your article and check whether your article is optimized for your focus keywords.

Article Keywords Density Checker

About Article Keywords Density Checker

Keyword Density

Keyword density refers to the percentage of times a specific keyword or phrase appears in relation to the total number of words on a webpage. It is a metric used in search engine optimization (SEO) to evaluate the relevance of a particular keyword within the content of a page.

The formula for calculating keyword density is:

Keyword Density = (Number of times keyword appears / Total number of words on the page) × 100

For example, if a webpage has 100 words and the keyword "technology" appears 5 times, the keyword density for "technology" would be (5 / 100) × 100 = 5%.

Use of Article Keywords Density Checker Tool

After writing your article, it is really difficult to manually check the density of keywords. Let us take an example, your focus keyword is "WordPress Theme" and you have 1500 words lengthy article. In this case, you need to find how many times you have used "WordPress Themes" in your article. This might be an easy task to search. However, the difficult task is to find the related and other keywords you have written without your knowledge. Probably, you might have used the term "WordPress Hosting" more than "WordPress Themes" in your article. This makes it complex as the article's focus keyword is completely changing unintentionally.

Here is a free article keywords density checker tool to get all repeating keywords in your article. Paste your content and wait for a moment, the tool will calculate keywords density and show in the boxes. As explained, this will help you to make sure you are focusing on your keywords and find related keywords for which you can still optimize the article.

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