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Here is a free online website worth calculator to evaluate estimated value of any website in single click. You can get the evaluation up to 100 websites using this tool.

Site Worth Calculator

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Website Worth Calculator

Site worth calculator is a free tool that evaluates the value of any given website. It works based on the traffic data and ad revenue for that domain. Enter the URL of the domain and click on the submit button. The approximate worth of the site will be shown on the screen.

Site worth is an indicator of how popular the website is. If you are planning to buy a website then this is a perfect tool to get the approximate price for bargaining or bidding.

Worth for Different Types of Websites

Every website has a different purpose and audience reach. Here are some of the basic sites with the relative worth calculation.

  • Informational websites are valued less as the content is applicable only during certain time. This is the same case for reviews, coupons and affiliate websites.
  • Product websites are valued high depending upon the customer base and type. For example, a business website selling online resume making service is a good bet for a local owner who wants to start career in that line. However, a site sells WordPress themes may be valued high at one point but the worth will go down if the themes are not updated for the latest version.
  • Forum and community websites – these websites are high worth sites due to the maintenance needed and common user’s involvement.


Factors Affecting Site Worth

Here are some of the factors that affect your website worth in total:

  • Domain authority
  • Social influence
  • Organic traffic
  • Customer base for ecommerce websites
  • Current employee count
  • Operational method
  • Annual revenue
  • Annual expenses

Buying and Selling Websites

Generally, you do not need to worry about the worth of your site on daily basis. However, you need to understand the estimated worth when you want to sell your site in public marketplaces. Similarly, you may also be interested in purchasing online businesses. In this case, you have to get a clear idea about the estimated value to bid for the site.

Remember, you have to consider all the expenses like hosting, email, content creation, SEO and promotional efforts when arriving at the estimated worth of websites. Only looking at the net profit is not the correct way to understand the worth of a website.

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