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Use our free online readability checker to do complete readability analysis of your article and find content statistics, Flesch-Kincaid index score and keyword density.

Online Readability Checker

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About Online Readability Checker

Importance of Content Readability

Earlier days writing and publishing a unique article was sufficient to rank high in Google search results. However, things are changes nowadays and you need to consider many other human factor as well. Search engines become intelligent thanks to AI tools and rank simple and useful articles compared to written in complicated language. This is called readability and you need to make sure the content is easy to read and pass the readability checks before publishing online.

Readability Factors

Here are some of the important readability factors you should consider when writing an article for your website. Content management systems like WordPress allows you to use plugins that can help to check these factors. For example, you can use Yoast SEO plugin to check the readability right from the content editor screen. However, for others, you can use our readability checker tools.

  • Flesch Kincaid readability grade level is a measurement to check what level of knowledge is needed for understanding your content. It is recommended to have the score above 7 so that readers can easily understand your content.
  • Keyword density is the measurement of how many times you have used your keywords or phrase compared to the total number of words. You can have less than 5% to make sure the content is natural and written for readers and not for search engines.
  • Smaller sentences can make it easy for people when reading. The recommendation is to have less than 20 words per sentence in average.

Online Readability Checker

If you are wondering how to check the readability of your articles then here is a free online solution for you. Use our free online readability checker tool to get various metrics that can help to boost the user experience and search engine visibility.

Inputs for Readability Checker Tool

You have two options to use the tool:

  • Copy and paste your content in the text box.
  • Upload the file to import the content from your document. The tool accepts .doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf and .rtf file formats.

Input for Readability Checker Tool

There is a limit of 1000 words to check, so make sure your article contains less than 1K words. You can see the number of words and total characters after pasting or importing from your file.

Output for Readability Checker Tool

After pasting/importing your content, click on “Check Readability” button to get the results. The tool will show you the following metrics:

  • Text Statistics – get total words, number of keywords, keywords to total words ratio, unique words/keywords and total characters.
  • Grade Level and Readability Index – the tool will show you popular readability index scores like Flesch Kincaid and Coleman Liau. You can also get the average index score which you can target for >10.

Readability Grade Stats

  • Content Statistics – under this section, you can get details like total sentences, total syllables and the longest sentence in your article.

Content Stats

  • Average – here you can get the details of characters per word, words per sentences, syllables per word and syllables per sentences.

Average Details

  • Keyword Density – here you can get the keyword density of single word, two phrase or three phrase words.

Keyword Density

Making Use of Readability Checker

There are multiple ways you can interpret the results from this tool. Here are some of the useful tips:

  • Based on the “Text Statistics” result, you can improve the keyword density in your article.
  • Target for getting Flesch score around 7 to 8 so that all age groups can read your content.
  • Check the total and longest sentences to adjust the article if needed.
  • Similarly, average words per sentence also can help you to split longer sentences into small and readable.
  • 2 words and 3 words keyword density results can help you optimize your article for focus keyword as well as for other related keywords.

Other Readability Checking Options

As mentioned above, you can Yoast SEO, Rank Math or any other plugins for WordPress platform. Otherwise, you can use Microsoft Word to get the simple readability statistics.

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