100+ Weebly Tips and Tricks to Power Up Your Site

Weebly allows all users including free account holders to edit the source HTML / CSS. This opens up big opportunity for webmasters to add any kind of features to their site just by modifying the source code and adding a piece of HTML on the page using embed code element. Here are some simple Weebly tips and tricks like adding scroll to top, audio player, favicon, H1 tags, table, drag and drop footer, custom footer, etc. These tips and tricks help users to make stunning Weebly site just by using available elements and modifying the HTML / CSS code.

Contact us if you have any tips and tricks and want to share with all Weebly users. The custom CSS / JavaScript / HTML codes can be added using one of the following methods:

  • Insert inline CSS, scripts and HTML directly on the page using “Embed Code” element.
  • Use header and footer code section of the page to insert page level CSS and scripts.
  • You can use header and footer code sections under site settings to insert site level CSS and scripts..
  • For blog post level codes, use header and footer code sections under blog settings.

You can also modify the source CSS and the HTML layouts in Weebly code editor which can be accessed under “Theme > Edit HTML / CSS”. We covered all possibilities of editing the source code and created these tips for adding new features.

Weebly Tips #Description
110 Weebly Tweaks for Free Users
2How to Add Related Posts in Weebly?
3YouTube, Vimeo Video Lightbox Popup for Weebly
4How to Insert Raw HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code in Weebly?
5Free Nivo Slider Widget for Weebly
6How to Add Recent Posts Widget in Weebly?
7Using Weebly Section Element on Responsive, Custom and Old Themes
8How to Add Google Maps in Weebly?
9How to Change Font Styles in Weebly Site?
10What is Lightbox and How to Use it in Weebly?
11How to Create Landing Pages in Weebly?
12How to Add Codes in Header and Footer Code Sections of Weebly?
13Creating Drag and Drop Header for Custom and Old Weebly Themes
14Copy, Delete and Move Multiple Elements in Weebly
15Maintenance Mode Page Layout for Weebly Site
16Add and Customize Read More Break in Weebly Blog
17Make Top Level Navigation Menu Not Clickable in Weebly
18Add and Customize RSVP Form in Weebly Site
19How to Add Cookie Notification in Weebly?
20How to Add Horizontal Tabs Widget in Weebly?
21How to Create Bulleted List Items in Weebly?
22Add Pinterest Pin It Button on Weebly Images
23How to Add Accordion App in Weebly and Customize?
24How to Use Bootstrap in Weebly?
25CSS Rounded Corner Elements for Weebly
26How to Add H1 Title in Weebly Blog?
27How to Use Font Awesome Icons in Weebly?
28Add Call To Action Button in Weebly
29How to Add Text Labels in Weebly Site?
30How to Add CSS in Weebly Site?
31How to Add JavaScript in Weebly Site?
32How to Create a New Page Layout in Weebly?
33How to Add Gradient Text Box in Weebly?
34How to Create Portfolio Page in Weebly?
35How to Add Tooltip in Weebly Site?
36How to Add Google Calendar in Weebly Site?
37How to Add and Customize Buttons in Weebly Site?
38How to Customize Weebly Block Quote Element?
39How to Backup Your Weebly Site?
40Mailchimp Newsletter Subscription for Weebly
41Feedburner Email Subscription for Weebly Blog
42How to Schedule Weebly Blog Post?
43Enable Phone Text, Social Icons and Search Box in Weebly Header
44Add Two Buttons or Remove Button in Weebly Landing Page
45How to Edit Weebly Source Code HTML and CSS?
46Add Facebook Comments Plugin to Weebly Site or Blog
47Add Hello bar in Weebly Site
48Add and Customize Contact Form in Weebly Site
49Add Different Header Images for Different Weebly Pages
50How to Edit Background Image in Weebly?
51Weebly Horizontal and Vertical Divider Elements
52How to Add Twitter Tweet and Timeline to Weebly Site?
53Set Different Background Image for Different Pages in Weebly
54How to Add Slideshow in Weebly Site?
55How to Remove and Customize Weebly Blog Sidebar?
56How to Add H1 to H6 Heading Tags in Weebly?
57How to Add Scroll To Top Button in Weebly Site?
58How to Add Colored Text box in Weebly Site?
59How to Add Table in Weebly Site?
60How to Create Header Slideshow in Free Weebly Site?
61Add Facebook Like or Share Button in Weebly Site
62Add Multicolumn Drag and Drop Footer in Free Weebly Site
63Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Weebly Site
64How to Setup 301 Redirect in Weebly Site?
65How to Embed Nabble Forum in Weebly Site?
66How to Add Wibiya in Weebly Site?
67Add and Customize Social Icons in Weebly Site
68How to Group Excess Pages in Weebly Navigation?
69How to Create Custom 404 Weebly Page Not Found Page?

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