How to Schedule Weebly Blog Post?

Weebly introduced a new feature for scheduling blog posts to any predefined date and time. This is very useful especially when you wanted to update your online community on a topic on any future date. You do not need to wait till that date and click on the publish button though your article is ready in advance. Just create your article as usual and choose the date and time for publishing and Weebly will automatically publish your post.

Here is the step by step process of how to schedule your posts in Weebly blog.

Step 1 – Defining Your Time Zone

This is a preliminary step before creating your post content online. Login to your Weebly account, click on “Edit” button to go to Weebly editor. Navigate to “Settings > Blog > Date & Time” section and choose your time zone. Any site activity including post scheduling will be based on the time zone you set here.

Set Time Zone in Weebly
Set Time Zone in Weebly

Step 2 – Selecting Date & Time for Publishing

Once set your time zone, prepare your blog post online.

  • After completing the content click on “Post Options” button.
  • Select “Scheduled Time” from drop-down of “Publish” section.
  • Choose date from the drop-down calendar for scheduling your blog post.
  • Select time from the drop-down for scheduling your blog post.

Time zone is displayed next to the time text box, which will change like PDT, CST or GMT based on your settings in Step 1.

Scheduling Weebly Blog Post
Scheduling Weebly Blog Post

Step 3 – Scheduling Blog Post

The default “Post” option displayed for publishing your post immediately will change to “Schedule” once you selected “Scheduled Time” option. Click on the “Schedule” button and Weebly will publish your blog post on scheduled time.

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