50+ Free Weebly Widgets

Weebly offers easy drag and drop site builder to build your site in minutes. This may be sufficient to start a site but to stand out from other millions of sites on the web you definitely need additional attractions to boost up your site. For example, you may be interested in showcasing a FAQ section to help users about your online store or want to add a pricing table to display your product features. Weebly does not allow to install any kind of plugins and it is also not possible for a normal user to write a script or CSS code and incorporate in Weebly source code. So we decided to help Weebly users by collecting the most needed widgets and collate in this page.

All the listed widgets are free, basically you need to add a piece of HTML / CSS / Script code to your existing site in order to enhance the features like sliders, custom buttons, pricing tables, etc. Click on the “Read more” button to go to the corresponding page where you can see the illustration with the required code. Follow us to get updates.

Weebly app center has very limited free apps which is not sufficient to get the feature you want. Moreover paying additional money for apps will increase the budget of running your Weebly site. Here are 50+ free Weebly widgets to add additional functions which will help you to take your Weebly site to next level.

Widget #No.DescriptionCategory
#1Milestone counter widget for WeeblyContent
#2YouTube, Vimeo video lightbox popup widget for WeeblyMedia
#3Vertical image flip widget for Weebly SiteMedia
#4Free Nivo slider widget for WeeblyMedia
#5Custom image gallery widget for WeeblyMedia
#6CSS floating slide out widget for WeeblyTraffic
#7How to add recent posts widget in Weebly?Traffic
#8Free flag counter widget to track visitors trafficTraffic
#9Maintenance mode page layout for Weebly siteTraffic
#10Simple social sharing icons widget for WeeblySocial
#11Free Q&A or FAQ widget for WeeblyContent
#12Free countdown timer widget for Weebly siteContent
#13How to add horizontal navigation menu in Weebly site?Navigation
#1411 CSS Image hovering effects for WeeblyMedia
#15CSS overlay effect on image hover for Weebly siteMeida
#16How to add vertical tabs widget in Weebly site?Navigation
#17How to add horizontal tabs widget in Weebly?Navigation
#18Animated progress pie chart widget for WeeblyContent
#19Font Awesome icons widget for Weebly siteContent
#20Free image filtering widget for WeeblyMedia
#21Free photo panel widget for WeeblyMedia
#22Free icon panel widget for WeeblyContent
#23jQuery FAQ or accordion widget for Weebly siteContent
#24Bootstrap accordion content slider in WeeblyContent
#25How to add Bootstrap progress bars on Weebly site?Content
#26How to add testimonials widget in Weebly?Content
#27How to add animated progress or skill bar in Weebly?Content
#28CSS FAQ or accordion widget for Weebly siteContent
#29Add team member widget in WeeblyContent
#30How to add notification message boxes in Weebly site?Content
#31Call to action button widgetContent
#32Content panel widget for WeeblyContent
#33Vertical navigation menu for WeeblyNavigation
#34Testimonial slider widget for Weebly siteContent
#353 image sharing widgets for WeeblyMedia
#36How to add tooltip in Weebly site?Content
#37How to add breadcrumbs in Weebly site?Navigation
#383D CSS press buttons widget for Weebly siteContent
#39Perspective image hover effect widget for WeeblyMedia
#40How to add organization chart in Weebly site?Content
#41How to Add Free Pricing Table in Weebly Site?Content
#42How to Add Accordion Slider in Free Weebly Site?Media
#43How to Add Scroll To Top Button in Weebly Site?Content
#44How to Add Colored Text box in Weebly Site?Content
#45How to Create Header Slideshow in Free Weebly Site?Media

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    • The listed widgets are not part of the Weebly apps, they are custom widgets you have to add in your site.

      If you really not seeing any apps, it could be because of your Square account. Weebly guys always do such a mesh not offering features for paid users also.


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