Do It Yourself SEO Tutorials

What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization is an art of making a website search engine friendly to improve the ranking on the search results. Whatever the attractive content you have, it is necessary to have good ranking in organic search engines to get mutual benefits. Users visiting your site should get benefited from the content and you will get benefited with the online revenue from advertisements or potential lead conversions. Organic traffic is also highly preferable by advertisers and ad companies due to non-incentive nature.

More than 80% of the websites available in the internet are not optimized for the search engines. The reason is that the webmasters are scary and confused about SEO and leave the task half way before reap the benefits from their sites. You just need some patience to understand and apply things in your site and of course every search engine needs some time to update their search database after you did changes to your site.

Learn Do It Yourself SEO Tutorials

Though there are many SEO companies available, we highly recommend to understand the basics of SEO and do it yourself especially if you are an individual site owner. Here is the collection of simple step by step do it yourself SEO tutorials to improve your search engine ranking in popular search engines like Google, Bing / Yahoo!, Baidu and Yandex.

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1. SEO Essentials

Even though every search engine uses unique and complicated algorithm there are common parameters for optimizing like meta tag, keyword density and backlink count. Ultimately optimizing these general parameters will bring your site up in all the search engine rankings. All these parameters are classified into three main categories as below:

Fundamental of internet relies on how one website connects to another. There will be no internet without linking. Logically, a webpage’s value will increase when multiple websites owners link to a that page. In other words, writing quality content will attract links from other websites thus increase your page rank in search engine results.

3. Basic Optimization Techniques

You can do all these basic optimizations yourself to improve the ranking.

4. All About Keywords

Keyword is a magic that determines the ranking of any article on search engine. Finding, using and optimizing correct keywords is essential for you online success.

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5. Site and Sitemap Submission

Optimized websites are not sufficient for getting traffic from Google or Bing. You should inform the search engines about your website.

6. Search Console & Webmaster Tools

Learn more about the tools available for webmasters from popular search engine providers.

6.1. Google Search Console

6.2. Bing Webmaster Tools

6.3. Baidu Webmaster Tools

6.4. Yandex Webmaster Tools

7. WordPress SEO Tips

Here are the basic WordPress SEO tips, check out WordPress category for more articles.

8. SEO Tips for Weebly 

Using Weebly for creating your site or blog? We have covered the optimization techniques for Weebly users.

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9. Miscellaneous SEO Articles

Still need more articles for improving your SEO skills? Well, we have 200+ SEO tutorials on our site. Here are some popular content for you:

10. Free SEO eBooks

Download our free SEO eBooks in PDF format to read offline.

11. Free SEO Tools

We have a separate SEO tools section for you to check and optimize your website. Here are some popular tools for you: