Alt Code Shortcuts for Lao Letters

Lao is one of the official language spoken in Laos, a country in South East Asia. Lao script is part of Unicode standards in the point range 0E80 to 0EFF. Though 128 characters are available in this range, many code points are unassigned. You can insert the Lao letters in your Windows and Mac documents using alt code shortcuts.

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Alt Code Shortcuts for Lao Letters

Windows Alt CodeMac Alt codeSymbolDescriptionCategory
Alt + 3713Option + 0E81 ກ Lao Letter KoConsonants
Alt + 3714Option + 0E82 ຂ Lao Letter Kho SungConsonants
Alt + 3716Option + 0E84 ຄ Lao Letter Kho TamConsonants
Alt + 3718Option + 0E86 ຆ Lao Letter Pali GhaConsonants
Alt + 3719Option + 0E87 ງ Lao Letter NgoConsonants
Alt + 3720Option + 0E88 ຈ Lao Letter CoConsonants
Alt + 3721Option + 0E89 ຉ Lao Letter Pali ChaConsonants
Alt + 3722Option + 0E8A ຊ Lao Letter So TamConsonants
Alt + 3724Option + 0E8C ຌ Lao Letter Pali JhaConsonants
Alt + 3725Option + 0E8D ຍ Lao Letter NyoConsonants
Alt + 3726Option + 0E8E ຎ Lao Letter Pali NyaConsonants
Alt + 3727Option + 0E8F ຏ Lao Letter Pali TtaConsonants
Alt + 3728Option + 0E90 ຐ Lao Letter Pali TthaConsonants
Alt + 3729Option + 0E91 ຑ Lao Letter Pali DdaConsonants
Alt + 3730Option + 0E92 ຒ Lao Letter Pali DdhaConsonants
Alt + 3731Option + 0E93 ຓ Lao Letter Pali NnaConsonants
Alt + 3732Option + 0E94 ດ Lao Letter DoConsonants
Alt + 3733Option + 0E95 ຕ Lao Letter ToConsonants
Alt + 3734Option + 0E96 ຖ Lao Letter Tho SungConsonants
Alt + 3735Option + 0E97 ທ Lao Letter Tho TamConsonants
Alt + 3736Option + 0E98 ຘ Lao Letter Pali DhaConsonants
Alt + 3737Option + 0E99 ນ Lao Letter NoConsonants
Alt + 3738Option + 0E9A ບ Lao Letter BoConsonants
Alt + 3739Option + 0E9B ປ Lao Letter PoConsonants
Alt + 3740Option + 0E9C ຜ Lao Letter Pho SungConsonants
Alt + 3741Option + 0E9D ຝ Lao Letter Fo TamConsonants
Alt + 3742Option + 0E9E ພ Lao Letter Pho TamConsonants
Alt + 3743Option + 0E9F ຟ Lao Letter Fo SungConsonants
Alt + 3744Option + 0EA0 ຠ Lao Letter Pali BhaConsonants
Alt + 3745Option + 0EA1 ມ Lao Letter MoConsonants
Alt + 3746Option + 0EA2 ຢ Lao Letter YoConsonants
Alt + 3747Option + 0EA3 ຣ Lao Letter Lo LingConsonants
Alt + 3749Option + 0EA5 ລ Lao Letter Lo LootConsonants
Alt + 3751Option + 0EA7 ວ Lao Letter WoConsonants
Alt + 3752Option + 0EA8 ຨ Lao Letter Sanskrit ShaConsonants
Alt + 3753Option + 0EA9 ຩ Lao Letter Sanskrit SsaConsonants
Alt + 3754Option + 0EAA ສ Lao Letter So SungConsonants
Alt + 3755Option + 0EAB ຫ Lao Letter Ho SungConsonants
Alt + 3756Option + 0EAC ຬ Lao Letter Pali LlaConsonants
Alt + 3757Option + 0EAD ອ Lao Letter OConsonants
Alt + 3758Option + 0EAE ຮ Lao Letter Ho TamConsonants
Alt + 3759Option + 0EAF ຯ Lao EllipsisSign
Alt + 3760Option + 0EB0 ະ Lao Vowel Sign AVowels
Alt + 3761Option + 0EB1 ◌ັ Lao Vowel Sign Mai KanVowels
Alt + 3762Option + 0EB2 າ Lao Vowel Sign AaVowels
Alt + 3763Option + 0EB3 ຳ Lao Vowel Sign AmVowels
Alt + 3764Option + 0EB4 ◌ິ Lao Vowel Sign IVowels
Alt + 3765Option + 0EB5 ◌ີ Lao Vowel Sign IiVowels
Alt + 3766Option + 0EB6 ◌ຶ Lao Vowel Sign YVowels
Alt + 3767Option + 0EB7 ◌ື Lao Vowel Sign YyVowels
Alt + 3768Option + 0EB8 ◌ຸ Lao Vowel Sign UVowels
Alt + 3769Option + 0EB9 ◌ູ Lao Vowel Sign UuVowels
Alt + 3770Option + 0EBA ◌຺ Lao Sign Pali ViramaVirama
Alt + 3771Option + 0EBB ◌ົ Lao Vowel Sign Mai KonVowel
Alt + 3772Option + 0EBC ◌ຼ Lao Semivowel Sign LoSigns
Alt + 3773Option + 0EBD ຽ Lao Semivowel Sign NyoSigns
Alt + 3776Option + 0EC0 ເ Lao Vowel Sign EVowels
Alt + 3777Option + 0EC1 ແ Lao Vowel Sign EiVowels
Alt + 3778Option + 0EC2 ໂ Lao Vowel Sign OVowels
Alt + 3779Option + 0EC3 ໃ Lao Vowel Sign AyVowels
Alt + 3780Option + 0EC4 ໄ Lao Vowel Sign AiVowels
Alt + 3782Option + 0EC6 ໆ Lao Ko LaRepetition mark
Alt + 3784Option + 0EC8 ◌່ Lao Tone Mai EkTone marks
Alt + 3785Option + 0EC9 ◌້ Lao Tone Mai ThoTone marks
Alt + 3786Option + 0ECA ◌໊ Lao Tone Mai TiTone marks
Alt + 3787Option + 0ECB ◌໋ Lao Tone Mai CatawaTone marks
Alt + 3788Option + 0ECC ◌໌ Lao Cancellation MarkSigns
Alt + 3789Option + 0ECD ◌ໍ Lao NiggahitaSigns
Alt + 3792Option + 0ED0 ໐ Lao Digit ZeroDigits
Alt + 3793Option + 0ED1 ໑ Lao Digit OneDigits
Alt + 3794Option + 0ED2 ໒ Lao Digit TwoDigits
Alt + 3795Option + 0ED3 ໓ Lao Digit ThreeDigits
Alt + 3796Option + 0ED4 ໔ Lao Digit FourDigits
Alt + 3797Option + 0ED5 ໕ Lao Digit FiveDigits
Alt + 3798Option + 0ED6 ໖ Lao Digit SixDigits
Alt + 3799Option + 0ED7 ໗ Lao Digit SevenDigits
Alt + 3800Option + 0ED8 ໘ Lao Digit EightDigits
Alt + 3801Option + 0ED9 ໙ Lao Digit NineDigits
Alt + 3804Option + 0EDC ໜ Lao Ho NoDigraphs
Alt + 3805Option + 0EDD ໝ Lao Ho MoDigraphs
Alt + 3806Option + 0EDE ໞ Lao Letter Khmu GoConsonants for Khmu
Alt + 3807Option + 0EDF ໟ Lao Letter Khmu NyoConsonants for Khmu
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How to Type Lao Language Letter?

Similar to any other Unicode symbols, you can insert Lao language letters in Windows, Mac and HTML documents.

Typing in Windows

  • On Windows based Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and other documents, hold one of the alt keys and type the decimal code as given in the first column of the above table. For example, alt + 3738 will produce Lao Letter Bo – .
  • Only on Word documents, type the hexadecimal codes as given in the second column of the above table and press alt and x. For example, 0E97 + alt + x will produce Lao Letter Tho Tam – ທ.

Typing in Mac Documents

  • On Mac documents, you need to first change the input method to Unicode Hex Input. Press option key and type the hexadecimal numbers to convert it in to a letter. For example, Option + 0E96 will create a Lao Letter Tho Sung – .

Typing on Web Documents

  • If you want to insert the Lao language letters in HTML, use either decimal codes in the format &# 3738; or hexadecimal code in the format &#x 0E9A;.
  • On CSS and JavaScript documents, use the hexadecimal code in the format \0E94 and \u0E94 respectively.
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