Alt Code Shortcuts for Square Symbols

There are different types of square symbols that can be inserted in your documents. Though the default keyboard does not have any special symbols, you can easily insert them using the alt code shortcuts. Here is a complete list of alt code shortcuts for square symbols.

How to Insert Square Symbols?

Decimal: Hold one of alt keys and then type the numbers using number pad. For example, Alt 10062 will produce the negative squared cross mark symbol as ❎.

Hex Code: Enter the hexadecimal code and then press alt and x keys to convert the code into square symbol. For example, 2611 Alt X will insert a ballot square box with check mark symbol as ☑.

Alt + Key (Decimal)Alt + X (Hex Code)SymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 1283131F539🔹Small Blue Diamond
Alt + 1283121F538🔸Small Orange Diamond
Alt + 1283111F537🔷Large Blue Diamond
Alt + 1283101F536🔶Large Orange Diamond
Alt + 1283071F533🔳White Square Button
Alt + 1283061F532🔲Black Square Button
Alt + 1281601F4A0💠Diamond Shape With a Dot Inside
Alt + 12348303CMasu Mark
Alt + 110362B1CWhite Large Square
Alt + 110352B1BLarge Black Square
Alt + 1073729F1Error-Barred Black Diamond
Alt + 1073629F0Error-Barred White Diamond
Alt + 1073529EFError-Barred Black Square
Alt + 1073429EEError-Barred White Square
Alt + 1073029EABlack Diamond With Down Arrow
Alt + 1072029E0Square With Contoured Outline
Alt + 1069729C9Two Joined Squares
Alt + 1069629C8Squared Square
Alt + 1069529C7Squared Small Circle
Alt + 1069429C6Squared Asterisk
Alt + 1069329C5Squared Falling Diagonal Slash
Alt + 1069229C4Squared Rising Diagonal Slash
Alt + 1021227E4White Square With Leftwards Tick
Alt + 1019227D0White Diamond With Centred Dot
Alt + 100662752Upper Right Shadowed White Square
Alt + 100652751Lower Right Shadowed White Square
Alt + 100642750Upper Right Drop-Shadowed White Square
Alt + 10063274FLower Right Drop-Shadowed White Square
Alt + 10062274ENegative Squared Cross Mark
Alt + 98612685Die Face-6
Alt + 98602684Die Face-5
Alt + 98592683Die Face-4
Alt + 98582682Die Face-3
Alt + 98572681Die Face-2
Alt + 98562680Die Face-1
Alt + 97462612Ballot Box With X
Alt + 97452611Ballot Box With Check
Alt + 97442610Ballot Box
Alt + 970725EBWhite Square With Vertical Bisecting Line
Alt + 970625EASquare With Lower Right Diagonal Half Black
Alt + 970525E9Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half Black
Alt + 970425E8Square With Right Half Black
Alt + 970325E7Square With Left Half Black
Alt + 967225C8White Diamond Containing Black Small Diamond
Alt + 967125C7White Diamond
Alt + 967025C6Black Diamond
Alt + 964925B1White Parallelogram
Alt + 964825B0Black Parallelogram
Alt + 964725AFWhite Vertical Rectangle
Alt + 964625AEBlack Vertical Rectangle
Alt + 964525ADWhite Rectangle
Alt + 964425ACBlack Rectangle
Alt + 964325ABWhite Small Square
Alt + 964225AABlack Square Bullet
Alt + 964125A9Square With Diagonal Crosshatch Fill
Alt + 964025A8Square With Upper Right To Lower Left Fill
Alt + 963925A7Square With Upper Left To Lower Right Fill
Alt + 963825A6Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch Fill
Alt + 963725A5Square With Vertical Fill
Alt + 963625A4Square With Horizontal Fill
Alt + 963525A3White Square Containing Black Small Square
Alt + 963425A2White Square With Rounded Corners
Alt + 963325A1White Square
Alt + 963225A0Black Square
Alt + 96082588Big Black Square
Alt + 90262342Apl Functional Symbol Quad Backslash
Alt + 90252341Apl Functional Symbol Quad Slash
Alt + 9019233BApl Functional Symbol Quad Jot
Alt + 9018233AWhite Diamond In Square
Alt + 886422A0Squared Times
Alt + 8718220EEnd Of Proof

Most of the square symbols are outlined symbols. You can easily change the color, size and decorate them similar to any other text content on your document.

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