Alt Code Shortcuts for Square Symbols

Do you know you can insert almost hundred types of square symbols in your documents? Default Windows and Mac keyboards do not have any special key for inserting square symbols. However, you can easily insert them using alt code shortcuts and emoji panel. Check out separate article, if you are looking for encircled numbers inside square shape.

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Alt Code Shortcuts for Square Symbols

Here is a complete list of alt code shortcuts for square symbols.

SymbolNameAlt CodeHex Code
Negative Squared Cross MarkAlt + 10062274E
Lower Right Drop-Shadowed White SquareAlt + 10063274F
Upper Right Drop-Shadowed White SquareAlt + 100642750
Lower Right Shadowed White SquareAlt + 100652751
Upper Right Shadowed White SquareAlt + 100662752
Squared Logical AndAlt + 1019027CE
Squared Logical OrAlt + 1019127CF
White Square With Leftwards TickAlt + 1021227E4
White Square With Rightwards TickAlt + 1021327E5
Squared Rising Diagonal SlashAlt + 1069229C4
Squared Falling Diagonal SlashAlt + 1069329C5
Squared AsteriskAlt + 1069429C6
Squared Small CircleAlt + 1069529C7
Squared SquareAlt + 1069629C8
Two Joined SquaresAlt + 1069729C9
Square With Contoured OutlineAlt + 1072029E0
Error-Barred White SquareAlt + 1073429EE
Error-Barred Black SquareAlt + 1073529EF
Error-Barred White DiamondAlt + 1073629F0
Error-Barred Black DiamondAlt + 1073729F1
Square With Top Half BlackAlt + 110262B12
Square With Bottom Half BlackAlt + 110272B13
Square With Upper Right Diagonal Half BlackAlt + 110282B14
Square With Lower Left Diagonal Half BlackAlt + 110292B15
Dotted SquareAlt + 110292B15
Black Large Square EmojiAlt + 110352B1B
White Large Square EmojiAlt + 110362B1C
Black Very Small SquareAlt + 110372B1D
White Very Small SquareAlt + 110382B1E
Black Square CentredAlt + 112002BC0
Square Position IndicatorAlt + 112162BD0
Raised SquareAlt + 117872E0B
Squared Four Dot PunctuationAlt + 118202E2C
Masu MarkAlt + 12348303C
🔲Black Square Button EmojiAlt + 1283061F532
🔳White Square Button EmojiAlt + 1283071F533
🟥Red Square EmojiAlt + 1289971F7E5
🟦Blue Square EmojiAlt + 1289981F7E5
🟧Orange Square EmojiAlt + 1289991F7E5
🟨Yellow Square EmojiAlt + 1290001F7E5
🟩Green Square EmojiAlt + 1290011F7E5
🟪Purple Square EmojiAlt + 1290021F7E5
🟫Brown Square EmojiAlt + 1290031F7E5
End Of ProofAlt + 8718220E
Squared PlusAlt + 8862229E
Squared MinusAlt + 8863229F
Squared TimesAlt + 886422A0
Squared Dot OperatorAlt + 886522A1
Square LozengeAlt + 89772311
Viewdata SquareAlt + 89832317
White Square With Centre Vertical LineAlt + 90932385
Square FootAlt + 916523CD
Black Square For StopAlt + 920923F9
Big Black SquareAlt + 96082588
Black SquareAlt + 963225A0
White SquareAlt + 963325A1
White Square With Rounded CornersAlt + 963425A2
White Square Containing Black Small SquareAlt + 963525A3
Square With Horizontal FillAlt + 963625A4
Square With Vertical FillAlt + 963725A5
Square With Orthogonal Crosshatch FillAlt + 963825A6
Square With Upper Left To Lower Right FillAlt + 963925A7
Square With Upper Right To Lower Left FillAlt + 964025A8
Square With Diagonal Crosshatch FillAlt + 964125A9
Black Small Square EmojiAlt + 964225AA
White Small Square EmojiAlt + 964325AB
Square With Left Half BlackAlt + 970325E7
Square With Right Half BlackAlt + 970425E8
Square With Upper Left Diagonal Half BlackAlt + 970527E9
Square With Lower Right Diagonal Half BlackAlt + 970625EA
White Square With Vertical Bisecting LineAlt + 970725EB
White Square With Upper Left QuadrantAlt + 971225F0
White Square With Lower Left QuadrantAlt + 971325F1
White Square With Lower Right QuadrantAlt + 971425F2
White Square With Upper Right QuadrantAlt + 971525F3
White Medium Square EmojiAlt + 972325FB
Black Medium Square EmojiAlt + 972425FC
White Medium Small Square EmojiAlt + 972525FD
Black Medium Small Square EmojiAlt + 972625FE
Ballot BoxAlt + 97442610
Ballot Box With CheckAlt + 97452611
Ballot Box With XAlt + 97462612
Squared KeyAlt + 991926BF
White Diamond In SquareAlt + 993126CB
Squared SaltireAlt + 994926DD
Falling Diagonal In White Circle In Black SquareAlt + 995026DE
Square Four CornersAlt + 997426F6
Cup On Black SquareAlt + 998226FE

How to Insert Square Symbols in Windows?

There are multiple ways to insert square symbols in Windows based documents like Word or PowerPoint.

Using Alt or Decimal Code

Hold one of alt keys and then type the numbers using number pad. For example, Alt + 10062 will produce the negative squared cross mark symbol as ❎.

Using Hexadecimal Code

Enter the hexadecimal code as given in the last column of the above table and then press alt and x keys. This will convert the code into corresponding square symbol. For example, 2611 Alt X will insert a ballot square box with check mark symbol as ☑. However, this method will only work in Microsoft Word documents.

Using Symbol Utility or Character Map

Microsoft Office applications offer a Symbol utility that you can use to insert square symbols. This is an easy way to insert symbols in Excel as keyboard shortcuts may not work well in spreadsheets.

  • Open any Office application and go to “Insert > Symbols” menu.
  • This will open Symbol utility,
  • Select the font as “Segoe UI Emoji” and the subset as “Geometric Shapes”.
  • Double click on the square symbol to insert on your document.
Square Shapes in Symbol Utility
Square Shapes in Symbol Utility

Similarly, you can use an independent app called Character Map to insert the symbols.

Emoji Panel in Windows 10

Some of the square symbols are part of emoji and we have marked the name with emoji to identify them in the above table. Instead of alt codes, you can insert square emoji symbols using emoji panel in Windows 10 computers. Press “Win Logo + Dot” keys to open the panel and type square to filter relevant symbols. Click on the emoji to insert on your document.

Square Emoji in Windows 10
Square Emoji in Windows 10

Insert Square Symbols in Mac

There are two ways to insert these symbols on your macOS documents like Pages or Keynote.

Using Option Code Shortcuts

You can also use alt or option code shortcuts in macOS to insert the symbols. Change the input source to Unicode Hex Input and use the hex code as given in the above table. For example, option + 2BD0 will make the square position indicator symbol like . However, it works only for the 4 digits hex code.

Using Character Viewer App

Go to “Edit > Emoji & Symbols” menu from any app to open Character Viewer app. Using this app, you can search and insert these symbols including emoji.

Insert Squares in HTML

You can use decimal or hex code in the following format to insert symbols in HTML documents.


Symbol Variations

Windows documents like Word will show all these symbols as a line diagram. You can easily apply text effects, change the color, size and decorate them similar to any other text content on your document.

Square Symbols with Text Effects
Square Symbols with Text Effects

On Mac, the emoji will look solid while other symbols will a text. You can easily select the font variation for the available symbols from Character Viewer app.

Image Reference

Download the image containing all shortcuts to your computer. You can use this image as an online reference.

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