Alt Code Shortcuts for Arrow Symbols

There are four arrow keys on any standard keyboards to move the cursor. However, you cannot type the arrow symbol on documents to indicate the direction. Generally, people use hyphen and greater/less than symbols like –> or <–. Do you know there are 100+ different arrow symbols you can actually type with default Windows keyboard? Yes, you can do this using one of the alt keys with the combination of other keys. Here is a complete list of alt code shortcuts for arrow symbols.

Complete List of Alt Code Shortcuts for Arrow Symbols

Below is the complete list of shortcuts for various arrow symbols. The first column is “Alt + Code” and the second column is for “Code + Alt + X”. Check the explanation below the table on how to use these shortcuts on various documents.

Alt + CodeCode + Alt + XCard SymbolDescription
Alt + 85922190 + Alt + XLeft Arrow
Alt + 85942192 + Alt + XRight Arrow
Alt + 85962194 + Alt + XDouble Headed Arrow
Alt + 861221A4 + Alt + XLeft Arrow from Bar
Alt + 861421A6 + Alt + XRight Arrow from Bar
Alt + 863421BA + Alt + XAnti-clockwise Open Circle Arrow
Alt + 863521BB + Alt + XClockwise Open Circle Arrow
Alt + 865621D0 + Alt + XLeft Double Arrow
Alt + 865821D2 + Alt + XRight Double Arrow
Alt + 866021D4 + Alt + XDouble Headed Double Arrow
Alt + 866921DD + Alt + XRight Squiggle Arrow
Alt + 101362798 + Alt + XBold South East Arrow
Alt + 101372799 + Alt + XBold Right Arrow
Alt + 10138279A + Alt + XBold North East Arrow
Alt + 10139279B + Alt + XDrafting Point Right Arrow
Alt + 10140279C + Alt + XBold Round Tipped Right Arrow
Alt + 10141279D + Alt + XTriangle Head Right Arrow
Alt + 10142279E + Alt + XBold Triangle Head Right Arrow
Alt + 10143279F + Alt + XDashed Triangle Head Right Arrow
Alt + 1014427A0 + Alt + XBold Dashed Triangle Head Right Arrow
Alt + 1014527A1 + Alt + XBlack Right Arrow
Alt + 1014627A2 + Alt + X3D Top Lighted Right Arrow
Alt + 1014727A3 + Alt + X3D Bottom Lighted Right Arrow
Alt + 1014827A4 + Alt + XBlack Right Arrow Head
Alt + 1014927A5 + Alt + XBold Down Curved Right Arrow
Alt + 1015027A6 + Alt + XBold Up Curved Right Arrow
Alt + 1015127A7 + Alt + XSquat Right Arrow
Alt + 1015227A8 + Alt + XBold Concave Black Right Arrow
Alt + 1015327A9 + Alt + XRight Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1015427AA + Alt + XLeft Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1015527AB + Alt + XBack Tilted Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1015627AC + Alt + XFront Tilted Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1015727AD + Alt + XBold Lower Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1015827AE + Alt + XBold Upper Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1015927AF + Alt + XNotched Lower Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1016027B0 + Alt + XCurly Loop
Alt + 1016127B1 + Alt + XNotched Upper Shadowed White Right Arrow
Alt + 1016227B2 + Alt + XCircled Bold White Right Arrow
Alt + 1016327B3 + Alt + XWhite Feathered Right Arrow
Alt + 1016427B4 + Alt + XBlack Feathered South East Arrow
Alt + 1016527B5 + Alt + XBlack Feathered Right Arrow
Alt + 1016627B6 + Alt + XBlack Feathered North East Arrow
Alt + 1016727B7 + Alt + XBold Black Feathered South East Arrow
Alt + 1016827B8 + Alt + XBold Black Feathered Right Arrow
Alt + 1016927B9 + Alt + XBold Black Feathered North East Arrow
Alt + 1017027BA + Alt + XTeardrop Barbed Right Arrow
Alt + 1017127BB + Alt + XBold Teardrop Shanked Right Arrow
Alt + 1017227BC + Alt + XWedge Tailed Right Arrow
Alt + 1017327BD + Alt + XBold Wedge Tailed Right Arrow
Alt + 1017427BE + Alt + XOpen Outlined Right Arrow
Alt + 1017527BF + Alt + XDouble Curly Loop
Alt + 1022427F0 + Alt + XUp Quadruple Arrow
Alt + 1022527F1 + Alt + XDown Quadruple Arrow
Alt + 1022627F2 + Alt + XAnti-clockwise Circle Arrow
Alt + 1022727F3 + Alt + XClockwise Circle Arrow
Alt + 1022827F4 + Alt + XRight Arrow with Circle Plus
Alt + 1022927F5 + Alt + XLong Left Arrow
Alt + 1023027F6 + Alt + XLong Right Arrow
Alt + 1023127F7 + Alt + XLong Double Headed Arrow
Alt + 1023227F8 + Alt + XLong Left Double Arrow
Alt + 1023327F9 + Alt + XLong Right Double Arrow
Alt + 1023427FA + Alt + XLong Double Headed Double Arrow
Alt + 1023527FB + Alt + XLong Left Arrow from Bar
Alt + 1023627FC + Alt + XLong Right Arrow from Bar
Alt + 1023727FD + Alt + XLong Left Double Arrow from Bar
Alt + 1023827FE + Alt + XLong Right Double Arrow from Bar
Alt + 105022906 + Alt + XLeft Double Arrow from Bar
Alt + 105032907 + Alt + XRight Double Arrow from Bar
Alt + 10506290A + Alt + XUp Triple Arrow
Alt + 105602940 + Alt + XAnti-clockwise Closed Circle Arrow
Alt + 105612941 + Alt + XClockwise Closed Circle Arrow
Alt + 110582B32 + Alt + XLeft Arrow with Circle Plus
Alt + 110592B33 + Alt + XLong Left Squiggle Arrow
Alt + 1281521F498 + Alt + X💘Heart with Arrow

Using Alt Code Arrow Shortcuts

Unicode has an arrow blocks with the code point from 2190 to 21FF. You can use the decimal and hexadecimal codes to insert these unicode symbols in Windows and Mac depending on the application.

Alt + Code Method in Windows

In this case, hold one of the alt keys and then enter the code in the first column of the above table using numeric pad on your keyboard. It will work on all Microsoft documents like Notepad, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and also on other applications like Outlook and Skype. For example, pressing Alt and then 8656 keys on the numeric pad will produce the left double arrow symbol .

Hex Code + Alt + X in Word Documents

In this method, enter the hexadecimal unicode value and then press alt key and X. Windows will convert the hex code into a symbol. The advantage here is that you don’t need to have numeric pad, however it only works on Microsoft Word documents. For example, pressing 27b5 keys and then press Alt with X keys will produce the black feathered right arrow symbol .

Using Symbol Utility in Office Documents

On Microsoft Office documents like Word or PowerPoint, go to “Insert > Symbols > More Symbols” menu. This will open “Symbol” utility in which you can find arrow symbols under Windings font.

Arrows in Symbol Utility
Arrows in Symbol Utility

Using Character Map App in Windows

You can also open Character Map app in Windows to find and insert symbols.

  • Use Windows Search to open the Character Map app.
  • Change the font to Windings 3.
  • Find the arrow symbol, to copy to clipboard.
  • Paste anywhere on your document.
Arrow Symbols in Windows Character Map
Arrow Symbols in Windows Character Map

Emoji Arrow Symbols in Windows 10

Windows 10 comes with an emoji keyboard which you can open by “Win + ;” keys. Search for “arrow” and filter the emoji arrow symbols.

Arrow Emoji Symbols in Windows 10
Arrow Emoji Symbols in Windows 10

Option Code for Mac

Similar to alt code, you can use option codes in Mac to insert arrow symbols. Press one of the option keys and then type the hexadecimal code in the second column of the above table. You should change the keyboard input to Unicode Hex Input for this method to work. For example, option + 21bb will produce clockwise open circle arrow symbol like . You can also use this symbol as a “Refresh” button on documents.

Using Character Viewer in Mac

Similar to Character Map on Windows, you can use Character Viewer in Mac. Use the Spotlight Search to open Character Viewer app. Click on the “Arrows” category and choose the symbol to insert.

Arrows Symbols in Mac Character Viewer
Arrows Symbols in Mac Character Viewer

Arrow Symbols Variations

When you type symbols using alt code, the application will treat the symbol like a normal text. Due to this fact, you can customize the look of the symbols by adjusting the font size and changing the font family. Below are some of the examples of customized arrow symbols with different font colors.


On Mac, you can directly choose the font variations of arrow symbols from the Character Viewer app.

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