Alt Code Shortcuts for Weather Symbols

The default Unicode system contains all weather symbols under miscellaneous symbols. These symbols include moon, sun, rain, stars, etc. and can be inserted using alt code shortcuts. In addition, we have included “Sky & Weather” emoji symbols and created a complete list of alt code shortcuts for weather symbols. You can insert these weather symbols in Windows based Word/Excel/PowerPoint documents and in Mac based Pages/Keynote documents.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Weather Symbols

SymbolSymbol DescriptionAlt + KeyAlt + X
°Degree SymbolAlt + 017600B0
Degree CelsiusAlt + 84512103
Degree FahrenheitAlt + 84572109
Dark SunAlt + 97282600
CloudAlt + 97292601
Alt + 97302602
Alt + 97312603
CometAlt + 97322604
Black StarAlt + 97332605
White StarAlt + 97342606
LighteningAlt + 97352607
ThunderstormAlt + 97362608
Sun SymbolAlt + 97372609
Umbrella With Rain DropsAlt + 97482614
Light SunAlt + 9788263C
First Quarter MoonAlt + 9789263D
Last Quarter MoonAlt + 9790263E
High VoltageAlt + 988926A1
Snowman Without Snow
Alt + 992426C4
Sun Behind Cloud
Alt + 992526C5
Cloud With Lightning And RainAlt + 992826C8
Umbrella On GroundAlt + 996926F1
SnowflakeAlt + 100522744
Tight Trifoliate SnowflakeAlt + 100532745
Heavy Chevron SnowflakeAlt + 100542746
StarAlt + 110882B50
🌀CycloneAlt + 1277441F300
🌁FoggyAlt + 1277451F301
🌂Closed UmbrellaAlt + 1277461F302
🌃Night With StarsAlt + 1277471F303
🌄Sunrise Over MountainsAlt + 1277481F304
🌅SunriseAlt + 1277491F305
🌆Cityscape at DuskAlt + 1277501F306
Alt + 1277511F307
🌈RainbowAlt + 1277521F308
🌉Bridge at NightAlt + 1277531F309
🌊Water WaveAlt + 1277541F30A
🌋VolcanoAlt + 1277551F30B
🌌Milky WayAlt + 1277561F30C
🌑New MoonAlt + 1277611F311
🌒Waxing Crescent MoonAlt + 1277621F312
🌓First Quarter Moon SymbolAlt + 1277631F313
🌔Waxing Gibbous MoonAlt + 1277641F314
🌕Full MoonAlt + 1277651F315
🌖Waning Gibbous MoonAlt + 1277661F316
🌗Last Quarter MoonAlt + 1277671F317
🌘Waning Crescent MoonAlt + 1277681F318
🌙Crescent MoonAlt + 1277691F319
🌚New Moon FaceAlt + 1277701F31A
🌛First Quarter Moon FaceAlt + 1277711F31B
🌜Last Quarter Moon FaceAlt + 1277721F31C
🌝Full Moon FaceAlt + 1277731F31D
🌞Sun With Face
Alt + 1277741F31E
🌟Glowing StarAlt + 1277751F31F
🌠Shooting StarAlt + 1277761F320
🌡ThermometerAlt + 1277771F321
🌢Rain Droplet Alt + 1277781F322
🌤Sun Behind Small Cloud
Alt + 1277801F324
🌥Sun Behind Large Cloud
Alt + 1277811F325
🌦Sun Behind Rain Cloud
Alt + 1277821F326
🌧Cloud With Rain
Alt + 1277831F327
🌨Cloud With Snow
Alt + 1277841F328
🌩Cloud With Lightning
Alt + 1277851F329
🌪TornadoAlt + 1277861F32A
🌫FogAlt + 1277871F32B
🌬Wind Blowing Face
Alt + 1277881F32C
💦Sweat Droplets
Alt + 1281661F4A6
💧DropletAlt + 1281671F4A7
💨Blowing WindAlt + 1281681F4A8
🔥FireAlt + 1282931F525
🪐Ringed PlanetAlt + 1296801FA90

Inserting on Windows

Using Alt + Key Method

Use one of the alt keys and type the decimal number code as given in the “Alt + Key” column of the above table. Ensure to use the numeric pad on your keyboard for entering the numbers. For example, hold Alt key and then type 9770 keys on the numeric pad. It should produce the open umbrella symbol like ☂. This method will work on all Windows based Office documents.

Using Alt + X Method

Enter the hexadecimal code values in the “Alt + X” column of the above table then press and hold alt key and letter x. For example, type 2746 keys and hold Alt and press X keys to produce heavy snowflake symbol like ❆. This method will only work on Microsoft Word.

Using Character Map and Symbol Utility

On Microsoft Office documents like Word, PowerPoint and Excel, you can go to “Insert > Symbols > More Symbols” menu to open the “Symbol” utility. You can search and insert weather symbols under Wingdings/Symbol fonts.

Alternatively, you can use Windows Search box and open Character Map app. Search for relevant symbols and insert on your document. This is an independent app you can use to copy / paste symbols on any Windows documents.

Using Emoji Keyboard

On Windows 10, open emoji keyboard by pressing the shortcut keys “Win + .” or “Win + ;”. You can type the keyword like “rain” to filter and insert weather emoji symbols.

Weather Emoji Symbols in Windows 10
Weather Emoji Symbols in Windows 10

Inserting on Mac

Using Option Code in Mac

On Mac, you can use the four digit hexadecimal codes with one of the alt/option keys to insert weather symbols. For example, option + 2602 will produce an open umbrella symbol like . You should toggle the input method to Unicode Hex Input for this method to work.

Using Emoji Keyboard in Mac

Similar Windows 10 emoji keyboard, Mac has a Character Viewer app. You can either access it through menu “Edit > Emoji & Symbols” or by pressing the shortcut keys “Control + Command + Space”. Navigate to “Emoji > Animals & Nature” category. Scroll down and find all weather related symbols like below.

Weather Emoji Symbols in Mac
Weather Emoji Symbols in Mac

Displaying and Customizing the Symbols

Remember the symbols you see on the above table will be different when you see them on the office documents. Because the browser displays the symbols differently than the offline applications. In addition, the symbols may vary on the operating systems like Windows 7, 8 or 10, macOS and the font type you are using on the document.

If you don’t see the symbol on your document, the best way is to copy paste and check the font. Generally on Windows the font for symbols is Wingdings and on Mac it should be Symbol font. Then you can set the required font for inserting further symbols. After inserting weather symbols, you can easily customize by applying different colors and increase or decrease the size. Below is the examples of some symbols with different background and sizes.

Character Viewer app on Mac by default offers multiple font variations for some symbols like snowman with flakes. However, there will be no font variations for most of the solid emoji symbols.

Image for Reference

If you like to have an image for offline reference, right click and save to your local device.

Alt Code for Weather Symbols

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