Alt Code Shortcuts for Triangle Symbols

Different types of triangle symbols can be inserted in Office documents using alt code shortcuts. You can either use decimal codes or hexadecimal codes to insert these special symbols. Decimal codes will work on all documents but you need a keyboard with separate numeric pad. Alternative, hexadecimal codes can be used. But this will work only on Word documents.

How to Insert Triangle Symbols?

Decimal: Hold one of alt keys and then type the numbers using number pad. For example, Alt 9698 will produce the black lower right triangle symbol as ◢.

Hex Code: Enter the hexadecimal code and then press alt and x keys to convert the code into triangle symbol. For example, 26A0 Alt X will insert a warning symbol as ⚠.

Alt + KeyAlt + XSymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 82272023Triangular Bullet
Alt + 87102206Delta Or Increment
Alt + 888222B2Normal Subgroup Of
Alt + 888322B3Contains As Normal Subgroup
Alt + 889522BFRight Triangle
Alt + 890422C8Bowtie
Alt + 890522C9Left Normal Factor Semidirect Product
Alt + 890622CARight Normal Factor Semidirect Product
Alt + 90102332Conical Taper
Alt + 965025B2Black Up-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 965125B3White Up-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 965225B4Black Up-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 965325B5White Up-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 965425B6Black Left Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 965525B7White Right-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 965625B8Black Right-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 965725B9White Right-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 965825BABlack Right Pointing Triangle
Alt + 965925BBWhite Right-Pointing Pointer
Alt + 966025BCBlack Down-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 966125BDWhite Down-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 966225BEBlack Down-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 966325BFWhite Down-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 966425C0Black Right Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 966525C1White Left-Pointing Triangle
Alt + 966625C2Black Left-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 966725C3White Left-Pointing Small Triangle
Alt + 966825C4Black Left Pointing Triangle
Alt + 966925C5White Left-Pointing Pointer
Alt + 969825E2Black Lower Right Triangle
Alt + 969925E3Black Lower Left Triangle
Alt + 970025E4Black Upper Left Triangle
Alt + 970125E5Black Upper Right Triangle
Alt + 970825ECWhite Up-Pointing Triangle With Dot
Alt + 970925EDUp-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
Alt + 971025EEUp-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
Alt + 988826A0Warning Sign
Alt + 1069829CATriangle With Dot Above
Alt + 1069929CBTriangle With Underbar
Alt + 1070029CCS In Triangle
Alt + 1070129CDTriangle With Serifs At Bottom
Alt + 1070229CERight Triangle Above Left Triangle
Alt + 1070329CFLeft Triangle Beside Vertical Bar
Alt + 1070429D0Vertical Bar Beside Right Triangle
Alt + 1070529D1Bowtie With Left Half Black
Alt + 1070629D2Bowtie With Right Half Black
Alt + 1070729D3Black Bowtie
Alt + 1070829D4Times With Left Half Black
Alt + 1070929D5Times With Right Half Black
Alt + 1071029D6White Hourglass
Alt + 1071129D7Black Hourglass
Alt + 1072829E8Down-Pointing Triangle With Left Half Black
Alt + 1072929E9Down-Pointing Triangle With Right Half Black
Alt + 107812A1DJoin
Alt + 107822A1ELarge Left Triangle Operator
Alt + 108092A39Plus Sign In Triangle
Alt + 108102A3AMinus Sign In Triangle
Alt + 108112A3BMultiplication Sign In Triangle
Alt + 108522A64Z Notation Domain Antirestriction
Alt + 108532A65Z Notation Range Antirestriction
Alt + 1282081F4D0📐Triangular Ruler
Alt + 1283141F53A🔺Up-Pointing Red Triangle
Alt + 1283151F53B🔻Down-Pointing Red Triangle
Alt + 1283161F53C🔼Up-Pointing Small Red Triangle
Alt + 1283171F53D🔽Down-Pointing Small Red Triangle

Most of the triangle symbols are outlined symbols. You can easily change the color, size and decorate them similar to any other text content on your document.

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  1. Note: a number of the alt key codes found throughout the internet do not work correctly for Adobe programs running on the WIN operating system. For example:

    — Alt 916 is supposed to be a Greek capital Delta but shows a lower case “o” with two dots on top.

    — Alt 15 is supposed to be a “sun” symbol but shows a tall box with an x inside (same is true for many of the AltKey bullet symbols).

    Adobe is aware of these issues for their products (InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Muse, etc.) running on Windows (Macs are not affected). To date, according to the forums on their own website, their tech support and engineering teams have not fixed the problem or provided an alternative.

    Our workaround is to type and cut symbols from an MS document and paste them into an Adobe document. Then save the file as a PDF (or in raster format for web graphics) to maintain the integrity of the layout – math and scientific equations, especially. As with glyphs and special fonts, this means files cannot be shared in their native format.

    • Thanks for your input. These shortcuts will work on applications using Unicode character encoding to convert the code into symbols. Generally, the decimal code works with alt key in Windows based applications while the hexadecimal code (limited to 4 digit codes) works with option key on Mac. For third party applications, it depends on which encoding they adopt.


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