Alt Code Shortcuts for Music Symbols

Music symbols include various instruments and musical notes. You can insert these symbols on your documents using alt key on your keyboard. Here is a complete list of alt code shortcuts to insert music symbols on Windows based Office documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Using Alt + Decimal Code Method

Press and hold one of the alt keys and then type the numbers using numeric pad on your keyboard. Example: Alt + 9836 = .

Alt + Key (Decimal)SymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 9833Quarter Note Or Crotchet
Alt + 9834Eighth Note Or Quaver
Alt + 9835Beamed Eighth Notes Or Beamed Quavers
Alt + 9836Beamed Sixteenth Notes Or Beamed Semiquavers
Alt + 9837Music Flat Sign
Alt + 9838Music Natural Sign
Alt + 9839Music Sharp Sign
Alt + 127908🎤Microphone
Alt + 127911🎧Headphone
Alt + 127925🎵Musical Note
Alt + 127926🎶Multiple Musical Note
Alt + 127927🎷Saxophone
Alt + 127928🎸Guitar
Alt + 127929🎹Musical Keyboard
Alt + 127930🎺Trumpet
Alt + 127931🎻Violin
Alt + 127932🎼Musical Score

Using Alt + X Hexadecimal Code Method

Type the code and then hold alt key and press “x”. Example: 1F3B8 + Alt + X = ?. This method will only work on Word documents.

Alt + X (Hex Code)SymbolSymbol Description
2669Quarter Note Or Crotchet
266AEighth Note Or Quaver
266BBeamed Eighth Notes Or Beamed Quavers
266CBeamed Sixteenth Notes Or Beamed Semiquavers
266DMusic Flat Sign
266EMusic Natural Sign
266FMusic Sharp Sign
1F3B9🎹Musical Keyboard
1F3BC🎼Musical Score
1F3B5🎵Musical Note
1F3B6🎶Multiple Musical Note

Download free images of music symbols and instruments.

Music Symbols Image Download

You can right click and save as the image to your computer. Use the below image for offline reference to check all music symbol shortcuts.

Alt Code for Music Symbols

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  1. I’m using the Alt+X Hexadecimal Method. All the codes starting with 2 are working but the codes starting with 1 are not working. I am using the Microsoft Office Word. Please help me.

  2. Hi, thanks for these codes!
    Have you an idea how I could find a a code table for Turkish signs,
    since they don’t use only our flat and sharp…?


  3. These codes are completely wrong.

    Alt + 9833 = i
    Alt + 9834 = j
    Alt + 9835 = k
    Alt + 9836 = l
    Alt + 9837 = m
    Alt + 9838 = n
    Alt + 9839 = o

    Alt + 13 = ♪
    Alt + 14 = ♫

    • Alt code works on Windows based documents like Word and PowerPoint. Applications like Gmail uses their own encoding and will not work with alt codes. Some symbols are available as emojis. You can press Win + ; keys to open emoji keyboard and look for music symbols.


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