Alt Code Shortcuts for Communication Symbols

We use many devices and ways to communicate on daily basis. It is a common need to use these communication signs and symbols in your documents. For example, when you write about mobile phones, it is a good idea to use phone symbols instead of using text each and every time. How to do that? – use the alt key along with other keys combination to insert all communication related symbols in your documents. In this article, we will provide the full list of alt code shortcuts for communication symbols which can be used on all Windows based documents.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Communication Symbols

Below table shows more than 50 daily used communication symbols.

Alt + Key (Decimal)Alt + X (Hex Code)SymbolSymbol description
Alt + 84812121Telephone Sign
Alt + 90002328Keyboard
Alt + 9742260EBlack Touchtone Telephone
Alt + 9743260FWhite Touchtone Telephone
Alt + 99902706Telephone Location Sign
Alt + 99932709Envelope
Alt + 9997270DHand Writing
Alt + 9998270ELower Right Pencil
Alt + 1278731F381🎁Wrapped Present
Alt + 1279081F3A4🎤Microphone
Alt + 1279091F3A5🎥Movie Camera
Alt + 1279101F3A6🎦Cinema
Alt + 1280761F44C👌Ok Signal
Alt + 1281401F48C💌Love Letter
Alt + 1281871F4BB💻Personal Computer
Alt + 1281901F4BE💾Floppy Disk
Alt + 1281921F4C1📀DVD
Alt + 1282001F4C8📈Chart
Alt + 1282041F4CC📌Pushpin
Alt + 1282061F4CE📎Paperclip
Alt + 1282091F4D1📑Bookmark Tabs
Alt + 1282101F4D2📒Ledger
Alt + 1282111F4D3📓Notebook
Alt + 1282131F4D5📕Closed Book
Alt + 1282141F4D6📖Open Book
Alt + 1282181F4DA📚Books
Alt + 1282211F4DD📝Memo
Alt + 1282221F4DE📞Telephone Receiver
Alt + 1282231F4DF📟Pager
Alt + 1282241F4E0📠Fax Machine
Alt + 1282251F4E1📡Satellite Antenna
Alt + 1282261F4E2📢Public Address Loudspeaker
Alt + 1282271F4E3📣Cheering Megaphone
Alt + 1282281F4E4📤Outbox Tray
Alt + 1282291F4E5📥Inbox Tray
Alt + 1282301F4E6📦Package
Alt + 1282311F4E7📧E-mail Symbol
Alt + 1282321F4E8📨Incoming Envelope
Alt + 1282331F4E9📩Envelope with Downwards Arrow Above
Alt + 1282341F4EA📪Empty Mailbox or Letter Box
Alt + 1282351F4EB📫Mailbox Containing Mail
Alt + 1282401F4F0📰Newspaper
Alt + 1282411F4F1📱Mobile Phone
Alt + 1282421F4F2📲Incoming Phone Call
Alt + 1282431F4F3📳Vibration Mode
Alt + 1282441F4F4📴No Mobile Phones
Alt + 1282461F4F6📶Signal
Alt + 1282471F4F7📷Camera
Alt + 1282501F4FA📺Television
Alt + 1282511F4FB📻Radio
Alt + 1282521F4FC📼Videocassette
Alt + 1282661F50A🔊Speaker
Alt + 1282671F50B🔋Battery
Alt + 1282681F50C🔌Electric Plug
Alt + 1282781F516🔖Bookmark

How to Use?

First column of the above table lists decimal codes should be used only with the numeric pad on your keyboard. Hold one of the alt keys and press the numbers to insert the required symbol. It will work on all documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Example: Alt + 128187 = ?.

Second column of the above table lists hexadecimal codes can be used with any number keys on your keyboard. Type the code, hold alt and then x keys to convert the code into a symbol. This will work only on Microsoft Word documents.

Example: 1F4F1 + Alt + X = ?.

Download Communication Symbols Image

Wanted to have all these shortcuts in offline? Download the below image and as a reference.

Alt Code for Communication Symbols

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