Alt Code Shortcuts for Tamil Language Letters

Tamil is one of the ancient language spoken in Tamil Nadu, southern part of India. Generally there are no special keyboards available to enter Tamil language letters. You should use third party applications or install language pack for this purpose. However, there is another way to type Tamil characters using alt code shortcuts. Though, you can’t use the shortcuts for continuous typing it will be useful for entering few characters and symbols like Indian Rupee in Tamil.

Decimal and Hexadecimal Codes

There are two set of alt codes – decimal and hexadecimal. You need to have numeric keyboard to enter decimal values by holding one of the alt keys. Hexadecimal codes are for Microsoft Word, just enter the code and press alt and x keys together to convert it into a letter.


Hold alt key and type 3 0 6 5 keys in numeric keyboard to insert an Indian Rupee symbol in Tamil .

Alternatively, enter 0 B F 9 using normal keyboard, then press alt and x keys to insert .

Alt Code Shortcuts for Tamil Language Letters

Decimal CodeHexadecimal CodeTamil LetterCategory / Description
29650B95Compound Form
29690B99Compound Form
29700B9ACompound Form
29720B9CCompound Form
29740B9ECompound Form
29750B9FCompound Form
29790BA3Compound Form
29800BA4Compound Form
29840BA8Compound Form
29850BA9Compound Form
29860BAACompound Form
29900BAECompound Form
29910BAFCompound Form
29920BB0Compound Form
29930BB1Compound Form
29940BB2Compound Form
29950BB3Compound Form
29960BB4Compound Form
29970BB5Compound Form
29980BB6Compound Form
29990BB7Compound Form
30000BB8Compound Form
30010BB9Compound Form
30060BBEDependent Vowel
30070BBFிDependent Vowel
30080BC0Dependent Vowel
30090BC1Dependent Vowel
30100BC2Dependent Vowel
30140BC6Dependent Vowel
30150BC7Dependent Vowel
30160BC8Dependent Vowel
30180BCADependent Vowel
30190BCBDependent Vowel
30200BCCDependent Vowel
30210BCDDependent Virama or Pulli
30240BD0Om Symbol
30310BD7Length Mark for Letter ஔ
30460BE6Digit Zero
30470BE7Digit One
30480BE8Digit Two
30490BE9Digit Three
30500BEADigit Four
30510BEBDigit Five
30520BECDigit Six
30530BEDDigit Seven
30540BEEDigit Eight
30550BEFDigit Nine
30590BF3Day Symbol
30600BF4Month Symbol
30610BF5Year Symbol
30620BF6Credit Symbol
30630BF7Debit Symbol
30640BF8As Above Symbol
30650BF9Tamil Rupee Symbol
30660BFATamil Number Sign

Inserting Consonant Letters

The compound form letters are special in Tamil created by combining vowels and consonants. For example, க் + அ = க, here க் is a consonant and அ is a vowel combining together creates compound form க. You have direct alt code shortcuts for அ and க but not for the consonant க் (with a dot above). In this case, use ‘alt + 2965’, release the keys to create க. Continue ‘alt + 3021’ and release to convert க into க். Similarly use hexadecimal keys continuously two times to create consonant letters.

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