Alt Code Shortcuts for Watt Symbols

Watt is a unit for power in International System Units (SI) named after the Scottish inventor James Watt. 1 Watt is measured as 1 Joule / Second. You can type the symbol on documents with capital letter W. However, you can type Watt symbols using alt code shortcuts on Windows and Mac documents.

1 Watt = 1 Joule / Second = 1 Newton Meter / Second = 1 Kg. m2/s3

Watt Symbols

There are six Watt symbols available in Unicode excluding the common Watt. You can use alt code and option code shortcuts to insert them on Windows and Mac documents.

On Windows Documents

  • On Windows documents like Word, Outlook and PowerPoint, hold one of the alt keys and type the decimal code using number pad no your keyboard. For example, Alt + 13242 will produce picowatt symbol like ㎺.
  • On Microsoft Word documents, type hexadecimal code then press alt and x keys. For example, 33BB + Alt + X will produce nanowatt symbol like ㎻.
Alt Code Shortcuts for Watt Symbol

On Mac Documents

  • On Mac documents like Pages and Keynote first change the keyboard layout to Unicode Hex Input method. Press and hold option key then type the hexadecimal code to produce the symbol. For example, Option + 33BD will produce milliwatt symbol like .

On HTML Documents

  • On HTML documents you can use escape strings in decimal format like &# 13242; or in hexadecimal format like &#x 33BA;.
  • If you want to insert the Watt symbols on CSS and JavaScript use the hexadecimal codes in the format \33DE and \u33DE respectively.
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1. Picowatt

1 ㎺ = 10-12 W

Use the below shortcuts to type picowatt symbol:

Symbol NamePicowatt
Alt Code (Windows)Alt + 13242
Alt + X (Word)33BA + Alt + X
Mac ShortcutOption + 33BA
HTML Entity Decimal㎺
HTML Entity Hexadecimal㎺
CSS Value\33BA
JS Value\u33BA
Unicode PointU+33BA

2. Nanowatt

1 ㎻ = 10-9 W

Use the below codes to type nanowatt symbol:

Symbol NameNanowatt
Alt Code (Windows)Alt + 13243
Alt + X (Word)33BB + Alt + X
Mac ShortcutOption + 33BB
HTML Entity Decimal㎻
HTML Entity Hexadecimal㎻
CSS Value\33BB
JS Value\u33BB
Unicode PointU+33BB

3. Microwatt

1 = 10-6 W

Use the below shortcuts to type microwatt symbol:

Symbol NameMicrowatt
Alt Code (Windows)Alt + 13244
Alt + X (Word)33BC + Alt + X
Mac ShortcutOption + 33BC
HTML Entity Decimal㎼
HTML Entity Hexadecimal㎼
CSS Value\33BC
JS Value\u33BC
Unicode PointU+33BC

4. Milliwatt

1 = 10-3 W

Use the below shortcuts to type milliwatt symbol:

Symbol NameMilliwatt
Alt Code (Windows)Alt + 13245
Alt + X (Word)33BD + Alt + X
Mac ShortcutOption + 33BD
HTML Entity Decimal㎽
HTML Entity Hexadecimal㎽
CSS Value\33BD
JS Value\u33BD
Unicode PointU+33BD

5. Kilowatt

1 = 103 W

You can type kilowatt symbol using below shortcuts:

Symbol NameKilowatt
Alt Code (Windows)Alt + 13246
Alt + X (Word)33BE + Alt + X
Mac ShortcutOption + 33BE
HTML Entity Decimal㎾
HTML Entity Hexadecimal㎾
CSS Value\33BE
JS Value\u33BE
Unicode PointU+33BE

6. Megawatt

1 ㎿ = 106 W

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Type megawatt symbol using the below shortcuts:

Symbol NameMegawatt
Alt Code (Windows)Alt + 13247
Alt + X (Word)33BF + Alt + X
Mac ShortcutOption + 33BF
HTML Entity Decimal㎿
HTML Entity Hexadecimal㎿
CSS Value\33BF
JS Value\u33BF
Unicode PointU+33BF
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