Alt Code Shortcuts for Mac to Insert Symbols

Alt code shortcuts are popular in Windows PC to insert special characters and Unicode symbols. Many of us do not know that we can also use alt code shortcuts in Apple’s MacBook and iMac computers. The default Apple keyboard also has two alt keys on the keyboard layout. They are named as Option with the small name “alt” on it. Alt keys are one of the hidden gems in Apple keyboard less used by most of the Mac users. In this article, we provide the complete list alt code shortcuts for Mac to insert symbols.

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You can use the option key to insert special symbols like trademark, copyright and currencies. These alt code Mac shortcuts will work on all default text editing apps like Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Notes, TextEdit or when typing emails.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Mac to Insert Symbols

Here is the complete list of keyboard shortcuts for inserting symbols using option or alt key in macOS. You can use the default English keyboard layout (ABC) when using alt key with other modifier keys like Shift or letter keys. However, you should change the keyboard layout to Unicode Hex Input in order to use the four digit hexadecimal Unicode points.

Use the search box to type the symbol name to quickly filter the results. For example, type “cross” to filter all cross mark symbols. We have also grouped the shortcuts in to different categories for the easiness. You can sort the “Category” column to find relevant shortcuts easily.

  • Accent – accented language characters like Ä, ë and Ǖ.
  • Arrows – all arrow symbols like ➘, ➜ and ➵.
  • Check – check mark symbols in Mac like ☑ and ✔.
  • Cross – cross symbols like ✖ and ☒.
  • Currency – all currency symbols like €, $ and £.
  • Hearts – different hearts symbols like ❤ and ♥.
  • Letters – default keyboard uppercase and lowercase letters.
  • Math – mathematical symbols, fractions and operators like ≤, ≥ and ≠.
  • Music – music symbols like ♫ and ♯.
  • Numbers – default and circled numbers like ❶ and ➉.
  • Punctuation – typography marks like ¶ and ¿.
  • Sports – sports and activities related symbols like ♧ and ♞.
  • Stars – star and asterisk symbols like ✨, ✰ and ✪.
  • Symbol – special and letter like symbols like ©, ™ and ✐.
  • Weather – nature related symbols like ❄, ☃ and ☂.
  • Zodiac – astrology symbols like ♌ and ♏.
Mac Alt CodeSymbolDescriptionCategory
Option + Shift + kApple Logo SymbolSymbol
Option + zΩOhm or OmegaMath
Option + pπGreek Lowercase PiMath
Option + mµMicron or Micro SignMath
Option + Shift + ;ÚLatin Uppercase U with AcuteAccent
Option + 2TrademarkSymbol
Option + sßLatin Lowercase Sharp SLetters
Option + Shift + qŒLatin Uppercase Ligature OELetters
Option + qœLatin Lowercase Ligature OELetters
Option + Shift + oØLatin Uppercase O with StrokeLetters
Option + oøLatin Lowercase O with StrokeLetters
Option + Shift + jÔLatin Uppercase O with CircumflexAccent
Option + Shift + lÒLatin Uppercase O with GraveAccent
Option + Shift + hÓLatin Uppercase O with AcuteAccent
Option + 0ºMasculine Ordinal IndicatorMath
Option + Shift + bıLatin Lowercase Dotless ILetters
Option + Shift + fÏLatin Uppercase I with DiaeresisAccent
Option + Shift + dÎLatin Uppercase I with CircumflexAccent
Option + Shift + sÍLatin Uppercase I with AcuteAccent
Option + fƒLatin Lowercase f with Hook or FlorinLetters
Option + Shift + 6Latin Lowercase Ligature FLLetters
Option + Shift + 5Latin Lowercase Ligature FILetters
Option + Shift + cÇLatin Uppercase C with CedillaAccent
Option + cçLatin Lowercase C with CedillaAccent
Option + Shift + ‘ÆLatin Uppercase ÆLetters
Option + ‘æLatin Lowercase æLetters
Option + Shift + aÅLatin Uppercase A with Ring AboveAccent
Option + aåLatin Lowercase A with Ring AboveAccent
Option + Shift + mÂLatin Uppercase A with CircumflexAccent
Option + Shift + yÁLatin Uppercase A with AcuteAccent
Option + 9ªFeminine Ordinal IndicatorMath
Option + Shift + 2Euro SymbolCurrency
Option + y¥Japanese Yen SymbolCurrency
Option + 3£Pound Sterling SymbolCurrency
Option + 4¢Cent SymbolCurrency
Option + Shift + vDiamond or LozengeMath
Option + .Greater than or Equal toMath
Option + ,Lesser than or Equal toMath
Option + xApproximate or Almost Equal toMath
Option + bIntegral SymbolMath
Option + 5InfinityMath
Option + vSquare Root Math SymbolMath
Option + Shift + 1Slash or Forward Slash or Right SlashPunctuation
Option + l¬Not SignMath
Option + =Not Equal toMath
Option + /÷Divided by or Division SignMath
Option + Shift + =±Plus or MinusMath
Option + wSigma or Sum or N-ary SummationMath
Option + Shift + pN-ary product SymbolMath
Option + jTriangle or IncrementMath
Option + dPartial DifferentialMath
Option + r®RegisteredSymbol
Option + g©CopyrightSymbol
Option + Shift + 8°DegreeMath
Option + Shift + tˇCaron or háček or Inverted CircumflexAccent
Option + Shift + iˆCircumflexAccent
Option + iˆCircumflexAccent
Option + Shift + x˛OgonekAccent
Option + Shift + z¸CedillaAccent
Option + Shift + g˝Double Acute AccentAccent
Option + k˚Ring AboveAccent
Option + u¨DiaeresisAccent
Option + Shift + u¨DiaeresisAccent
Option + h˙Superscript Dot or Dot AboveAccent
Option + Shift + .˘BreveAccent
Option + Shift + ,¯MacronAccent
Option + Shift + n˜Lowercase TildeAccent
Option + n˜Lowercase TildeAccent
Option + Shift + e´Acute AccentAccent
Option + e´Acute AccentAccent
Option + 8BulletPunctuation
Option + Shift + 7Double DaggerCross
Option + tDagger or Plus or CrossCross
Option + Shift + rPer Mille SignMath
Option + 7Paragraph or Pilcrow signPunctuation
Option + 6§Section SignPunctuation
Option + Shift + \»Double Right Angle Quotation MarkPunctuation
Option + \«Double Left Angle Quotation MarkPunctuation
Option + Shift + wDouble Quote (European)Punctuation
Option + Shift + [Right Double QuotePunctuation
Option + [Left Double QuotePunctuation
Option + Shift + 4Single Right Angle Quotation MarkPunctuation
Option + Shift + 3Single Left Angle Quotation MarkPunctuation
Option + Shift + 0CommaPunctuation
Option + Shift + ]Right Single QuotePunctuation
Option + ]Apostrophe or Left Single QuotePunctuation
Option + Shift + 9·Dot CenterPunctuation
Option + ;Horizontal EllipsisPunctuation
Option + Shift + /¿Inverted Question MarkPunctuation
Option + 1¡Inverted Exclamation MarkPunctuation
Option + Shift + -Em DashPunctuation
Option + -En DashPunctuation
Option + 001EHyphenPunctuation
Option + 0021!ExclamationPunctuation
Option + 0022Double QuotePunctuation
Option + 0023#Number SignPunctuation
Option + 0024$Dollar SignCurrency
Option + 0025%PercentagePunctuation
Option + 0026&AmpersandPunctuation
Option + 0027Single QuotePunctuation
Option + 0028(Left ParenthesisPunctuation
Option + 0029)Right ParenthesisPunctuation
Option + 002A*AsteriskPunctuation
Option + 002B+Plus SignMath
Option + 002C,CommaPunctuation
Option + 002D-MinusMath
Option + 002E.Full stopPunctuation
Option + 002F/Right SlashPunctuation
Option + 00300Number ZeroNumbers
Option + 00311Number OneNumbers
Option + 00322Number TwoNumbers
Option + 00333Number ThreeNumbers
Option + 00344Number FourNumbers
Option + 00355Number FiveNumbers
Option + 00366Number SixNumbers
Option + 00377Number SevenNumbers
Option + 00388Number EightNumbers
Option + 00399Number NineNumbers
Option + 003A:ColonPunctuation
Option + 003B;SemicolonPunctuation
Option + 003CLess thanMath
Option + 003D=Is Equal toMath
Option + 003EGreater thanMath
Option + 003F?Question MarkPunctuation
Option + 0040@At the RateSymbol
Option + 0041AUppercase ALetters
Option + 0042BUppercase BLetters
Option + 0043CUppercase CLetters
Option + 0044DUppercase DLetters
Option + 0045EUppercase ELetters
Option + 0046FUppercase FLetters
Option + 0047GUppercase GLetters
Option + 0048HUppercase HLetters
Option + 0049IUppercase ILetters
Option + 004AJUppercase JLetters
Option + 004BKUppercase KLetters
Option + 004CLUppercase LLetters
Option + 004DMUppercase MLetters
Option + 004ENUppercase NLetters
Option + 004FOUppercase OLetters
Option + 0050PUppercase PLetters
Option + 0051QUppercase QLetters
Option + 0052RUppercase RLetters
Option + 0053SUppercase SLetters
Option + 0054TUppercase TLetters
Option + 0055UUppercase ULetters
Option + 0056VUppercase VLetters
Option + 0057WUppercase WLetters
Option + 0058XUppercase XLetters
Option + 0059YUppercase YLetters
Option + 005AZUppercase ZLetters
Option + 005B[Left BracketPunctuation
Option + 005C\Left SlashPunctuation
Option + 005D]Right BracketPunctuation
Option + 005E^CapPunctuation
Option + 005F_UnderscorePunctuation
Option + 0060`ApostrophePunctuation
Option + 0061aLowercase aLetters
Option + 0062bLowercase bLetters
Option + 0063CLowercase cLetters
Option + 0064dLowercase dLetters
Option + 0065ELowercase eLetters
Option + 0066fLowercase fLetters
Option + 0067gLowercase gLetters
Option + 0068hLowercase hLetters
Option + 0069iLowercase iLetters
Option + 006AjLowercase jLetters
Option + 006BkLowercase kLetters
Option + 006ClLowercase lLetters
Option + 006DmLowercase mLetters
Option + 006EnLowercase nLetters
Option + 006FoLowercase oLetters
Option + 0070pLowercase pLetters
Option + 0071qLowercase qLetters
Option + 0072rLowercase rLetters
Option + 0073sLowercase sLetters
Option + 0074tLowercase tLetters
Option + 0075uLowercase uLetters
Option + 0076vLowercase vLetters
Option + 0077wLowercase wLetters
Option + 0078xLowercase xLetters
Option + 0079yLowercase yLetters
Option + 007AzLowercase zLetters
Option + 007B{Left Brace or Curly BracketPunctuation
Option + 007C|PipelinePunctuation
Option + 007D}Right Brace or Curly BracketPunctuation
Option + 007E~Intermediate or ApproximatePunctuation
Option + 0080Euro CurrencyCurrency
Option + 0083ƒDutch FlorinCurrency
Option + 0085Three dots continuationPunctuation
Option + 0086DaggerCross
Option + 0087Double DaggerCross
Option + 0088ˆCap ArrowSymbol
Option + 0089Per MilleMath
Option + 008AŠUppercase S with CaronAccent
Option + 008BSingle Angle Quotation LeftPunctuation
Option + 008CŒUppercase O-E LigatureLetters
Option + 008EŽUppercase Z with CaronAccent
Option + 0095Big DotPunctuation
Option + 0096En-dash symbolPunctuation
Option + 0097Em-dash symbolPunctuation
Option + 0098˜IntermediateSymbol
Option + 0099TrademarkSymbol
Option + 009AšLowercase s with CaronAccent
Option + 009BSingle Angle Quotation RightPunctuation
Option + 009CœLowercase o-e LigatureLetters
Option + 009EžLowercase z with CaronAccent
Option + 009FŸUmlaut Y UppercaseAccent
Option + 00A1¡Down Exclamation MarkPunctuation
Option + 00A2¢CentCurrency
Option + 00A3£PoundCurrency
Option + 00A4¤General CurrencyCurrency
Option + 00A5¥Japanese YenCurrency
Option + 00A6¦Pipeline with BreakPunctuation
Option + 00A7§Section SymbolPunctuation
Option + 00A9©CopyrightSymbol
Option + 00AAªFeminine Ordinal NumberMath
Option + 00AB«Double Angle Quotation LeftPunctuation
Option + 00AC¬Not SymbolMath
Option + 00AD­Hyphen or DashPunctuation
Option + 00AE®RegisteredSymbol
Option + 00AF¯Upper DashPunctuation
Option + 00B0°Degree SignMath
Option + 00B1±Plus or Minus SignMath
Option + 00B2²Power of Two (Square)Math
Option + 00B3³Power of Three (Cube)Math
Option + 00B5µMicronMath
Option + 00B6ParagraphPunctuation
Option + 00B7·Center DotPunctuation
Option + 00B9¹Citation OnePunctuation
Option + 00BAºMasculine Ordinal NumberMath
Option + 00BB»Double Angle Quotation RightPunctuation
Option + 00BB»Double Greater than MarkPunctuation
Option + 00BC¼One fourth fractionMath
Option + 00BD½One half fractionMath
Option + 00BE¾Three fourth fractionMath
Option + 00BF¿Down Question MarkPunctuation
Option + 00C0ÀLatin Grave A UppercaseAccent
Option + 00C1ÁLatin Acute A UppercaseAccent
Option + 00C2ÂLatin Circumflex A UppercaseAccent
Option + 00C3ÃLatin Tilde A UppercaseAccent
Option + 00C4ÄLatin Umlaut A UppercaseAccent
Option + 00C5ÅLatin Uppercase A with Ring AboveAccent
Option + 00C6ÆLatin Uppercase A-E LigatureLetters
Option + 00C7ÇLatin Uppercase C CedillaAccent
Option + 00C8ÈLatin Grave E UppercaseAccent
Option + 00C9ÉLatin Acute E UppercaseAccent
Option + 00CAÊLatin Circumflex E UppercaseAccent
Option + 00CBËLatin Umlaut E UppercaseAccent
Option + 00CCÌLatin Grave I UppercaseAccent
Option + 00CDÍLatin Acute I UppercaseAccent
Option + 00CEÎLatin Circumflex I UppercaseAccent
Option + 00CFÏLatin Umlaut I UppercaseAccent
Option + 00D0ÐOld English Eth (Uppercase)Letters
Option + 00D1ÑLatin Tilde I UppercaseAccent
Option + 00D2ÒLatin Grave O UppercaseAccent
Option + 00D3ÓLatin Acute O UppercaseAccent
Option + 00D4ÔLatin Circumflex O UppercaseAccent
Option + 00D5ÕLatin Tilde O UppercaseAccent
Option + 00D6ÖLatin Umlaut O UppercaseAccent
Option + 00D7×Multiplication SignMath
Option + 00D8ØUppercase Nordic O SlashLetters
Option + 00D8ØPhiMath
Option + 00D9ÙLatin Grave U UppercaseAccent
Option + 00DAÙLatin Acute U UppercaseAccent
Option + 00DBÛLatin Circumflex U UppercaseAccent
Option + 00DCÜLatin Umlaut U UppercaseAccent
Option + 00DDÝLatin Acute Y UppercaseAccent
Option + 00DEÞOld English Thorn (Uppercase)Letters
Option + 00DFßGerman Sharp SLetters
Option + 00E0àLatin Grave a LowercaseAccent
Option + 00E1áLatin Acute a LowercaseAccent
Option + 00E2âLatin Circumflex a LowercaseAccent
Option + 00E3ãLatin Tilde a LowercaseAccent
Option + 00E4äLatin Umlaut a LowercaseAccent
Option + 00E5åLatin Lowercase a with Ring AboveLetters
Option + 00E6æLatin Lowercase a-e LigatureLetters
Option + 00E7çLatin Lowercase C CedillaAccent
Option + 00E8èLatin Grave e LowercaseAccent
Option + 00E9éLatin Acute e LowercaseAccent
Option + 00EAêLatin Circumflex e LowercaseAccent
Option + 00EBëLatin Umlaut e LowercaseAccent
Option + 00ECìLatin Grave i LowercaseAccent
Option + 00EDíLatin Acute i LowercaseAccent
Option + 00EEîLatin Circumflex i LowercaseAccent
Option + 00EFïLatin Umlaut i LowercaseAccent
Option + 00F0ðOld English Eth (Lowercase)Letters
Option + 00F1ñLatin Tilde i LowercaseAccent
Option + 00F2òLatin Grave o LowercaseAccent
Option + 00F3óLatin Acute o LowercaseAccent
Option + 00F4ôLatin Circumflex o LowercaseAccent
Option + 00F5õLatin Tilde o LowercaseAccent
Option + 00F6öLatin Umlaut o LowercaseAccent
Option + 00F7÷Division SignMath
Option + 00F8øLatin Lowercase O with StrokeLetters
Option + 00F9ùLatin Grave u LowercaseAccent
Option + 00FAúLatin Acute u LowercaseAccent
Option + 00FBûLatin Circumflex u LowercaseAccent
Option + 00FCüLatin Umlaut u LowercaseAccent
Option + 00FDýLatin Acute y LowercaseAccent
Option + 00FEþOld English Thorn (Lowercase)Letters
Option + 00FFÿLatin Umlaut y LowercaseAccent
Option + 2710PencilSymbol
Option + 2711White NibSymbol
Option + 2712Black NibSymbol
Option + 2713Tick MarkCheck
Option + 2714Bold Tick MarkCheck
Option + 2715Cross MarkCross
Option + 2716Bold Cross MarkCross
Option + 2717Styled Cross MarkCross
Option + 2718Bold Style Cross MarkCross
Option + 2719Embossed PlusCross
Option + 271ABold PlusCross
Option + 271BCursorCross
Option + 271CBold CursorCross
Option + 271DSimple CrossCross
Option + 271EJesus CrossCross
Option + 271FEmbossed CrossCross
Option + 2720Maltese CrossCross
Option + 2721Six Star (Star of David)Stars
Option + 2722Four Teardrop Spoked AsteriskStars
Option + 2723Four Balloon Spoked AsteriskStars
Option + 2724Bold Four Balloon Spoked AsteriskStars
Option + 2725Four Clubs Spoked AsteriskStars
Option + 2726Black Four Pointed StarStars
Option + 2727White Four Pointed StarStars
Option + 2728SparklesStars
Option + 2729Five Pointed StarStars
Option + 272AFive Pointed Star in CircleStars
Option + 272BWhite Center Black StarStars
Option + 272CBlack Center White StarStars
Option + 272DOutlined Black StarStars
Option + 272EBold Outlined Black StarStars
Option + 272FPinwheel StarStars
Option + 2730White Star with ShadowStars
Option + 2731Bold AsteriskStars
Option + 2732Open Center AsteriskStars
Option + 2733Eight Spoked AsteriskStars
Option + 2734Eight Point Black StarStars
Option + 2735Eight Point Pinwheel StarStars
Option + 2736Six Point Black StarStars
Option + 2737Eight Point Rectilinear Black StarStars
Option + 2738Bold Eight Point Rectilinear Black StarStars
Option + 2739Twelve Point Black StarStars
Option + 273ASixteen Spoked AsteriskStars
Option + 273DFlowerStars
Option + 2742Flower DonutSymbol
Option + 2744SnowflakeWeather
Option + 2751Lower Right Shadowed White SquareSymbol
Option + 2763Heavy Heart Exclamation MarkHearts
Option + 2764Heavy Black HeartHearts
Option + 2765Rotated Heavy Black Heart BulletHearts
Option + 2766Floral HeartHearts
Option + 2767Rotated Floral Heart BulletHearts
Option + 2776Negative Circled Digit OneNumbers
Option + 2777Negative Circled Digit TwoNumbers
Option + 2778Negative Circled Digit ThreeNumbers
Option + 2779Negative Circled Digit FourNumbers
Option + 277ANegative Circled Digit FiveNumbers
Option + 277BNegative Circled Digit SixNumbers
Option + 277CNegative Circled Digit SevenNumbers
Option + 277DNegative Circled Digit EightNumbers
Option + 277ENegative Circled Digit NineNumbers
Option + 277FNegative Circled Digit TenNumbers
Option + 2780Circled Sans-serif Digit OneNumbers
Option + 2781Circled Sans-serif Digit TwoNumbers
Option + 2782Circled Sans-serif Digit ThreeNumbers
Option + 2783Circled Sans-serif Digit FourNumbers
Option + 2784Circled Sans-serif Digit FiveNumbers
Option + 2785Circled Sans-serif Digit SixNumbers
Option + 2786Circled Sans-serif Digit SevenNumbers
Option + 2787Circled Sans-serif Digit EightNumbers
Option + 2788Circled Sans-serif Digit NineNumbers
Option + 2789Circled Sans-serif Digit TenNumbers
Option + 2798Bold South East ArrowArrows
Option + 2799Bold Right ArrowArrows
Option + 279ABold North East ArrowArrows
Option + 279BDrafting Point Right ArrowArrows
Option + 279CBold Round Tipped Right ArrowArrows
Option + 279DTriangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Option + 279EBold Triangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Option + 279FDashed Triangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A0Bold Dashed Triangle Head Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A1Black Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A23D Top Lighted Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A33D Bottom Lighted Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A4Black Right Arrow HeadArrows
Option + 27A5Bold Down Curved Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A6Bold Up Curved Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A7Squat Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A8Bold Concave Black Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27A9Right Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27AALeft Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27ABBack Tilted Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27ACFront Tilted Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27ADBold Lower Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27AEBold Upper Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27AFNotched Lower Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27B0Curly LoopSymbol
Option + 27B1Notched Upper Shadowed White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27B2Circled Bold White Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27B3White Feathered Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27B4Black Feathered South East ArrowArrows
Option + 27B5Black Feathered Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27B6Black Feathered North East ArrowArrows
Option + 27B7Bold Black Feathered South East ArrowArrows
Option + 27B8Bold Black Feathered Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27B9Bold Black Feathered North East ArrowArrows
Option + 27BATeardrop Barbed Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27BBBold Teardrop Shanked Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27BCWedge Tailed Right ArrowArrows
Option + 27BDHeavy Wedge Tailed Rightwards ArrowArrows
Option + 27BEOpen Outlined Rightwards ArrowArrows
Option + 27BFDouble Curly LoopSymbol
Option + 20A3French FrancCurrency
Option + 20A4British PoundCurrency
Option + 20A5Mill SignCurrency
Option + 20A6Nigerian NairaCurrency
Option + 20A7Spanish PesetaCurrency
Option + 20A8Indian RupeeCurrency
Option + 20A9South Korean WonCurrency
Option + 20AAIsraeli New SheqelCurrency
Option + 20ABVietnamese DongCurrency
Option + 20ACEuro SignCurrency
Option + 20ADLaos KipCurrency
Option + 20AEMongolian TugrikCurrency
Option + 20AFGreece DrachmaCurrency
Option + 20B0German Penny SignCurrency
Option + 20B1Philippine PesoCurrency
Option + 20B2Paraguayan GuaraniCurrency
Option + 20B3Argentine AustralCurrency
Option + 20B4Ukrainian HryvniaCurrency
Option + 20B5Cent SignCurrency
Option + 20B9Indian Rupee SymbolCurrency
Option + 20BATurkish LiraCurrency
Option + 20BDRussian RubleCurrency
Option + 2211Summation SignMath
Option + 2213Minus or Plus SignMath
Option + 221ASquare RootMath
Option + 221BCube RootMath
Option + 221CFourth RootMath
Option + 221DProportional toMath
Option + 221EInfinityMath
Option + 221FRight AngleMath
Option + 2221Measured AngleMath
Option + 2225Parallel toMath
Option + 222BIntegralMath
Option + 222CDouble IntegralMath
Option + 222EContour IntegralMath
Option + 222FSurface IntegralMath
Option + 2234ThereforeMath
Option + 2235BecauseMath
Option + 2237ProportionMath
Option + 223AGeometric ProportionMath
Option + 2243Asymptotically Equal toMath
Option + 2600Black Sun with RaysWeather
Option + 2601CloudWeather
Option + 2602UmbrellaWeather
Option + 2603SnowmanWeather
Option + 2604CometWeather
Option + 2605Black StarWeather
Option + 2606White StarWeather
Option + 2607LightningWeather
Option + 2608ThunderstormWeather
Option + 2609Sun SymbolWeather
Option + 260EBlack TelephoneSymbol
Option + 260FWhite TelephoneSymbol
Option + 2611Ballot Box with CheckCheck
Option + 2612Ballot Box with CrossCross
Option + 2613Cross MarkCross
Option + 261ABlack Hand with Left Pointing IndexSymbol
Option + 261BBlack Hand with Right Pointing IndexSymbol
Option + 261CWhite Hand with Left Pointing IndexSymbol
Option + 261DWhite Hand with Up Pointing IndexSymbol
Option + 261EWhite Hand with Right Pointing IndexSymbol
Option + 261FWhite Hand with Down Pointing IndexSymbol
Option + 2620Skull and CrossbonesSymbol
Option + 263AWhite Smiling FaceSymbol
Option + 263BBlack Smiling FaceSymbol
Option + 263CWhite Sun with RaysWeather
Option + 263DFirst Quarter MoonWeather
Option + 263ELast Quarter MoonWeather
Option + 2640Female SymbolSymbol
Option + 2642Male SymbolSymbol
Option + 2648AriesZodiac
Option + 2649TaurusZodiac
Option + 264AGeminiZodiac
Option + 264BCancerZodiac
Option + 264CLeoZodiac
Option + 264DVirgoZodiac
Option + 264ELibraZodiac
Option + 264FScorpioZodiac
Option + 2650SagittariusZodiac
Option + 2651CapricornZodiac
Option + 2652AquariusZodiac
Option + 2653PiscesZodiac
Option + 2654White Chess KingSports
Option + 2655White Chess QueenSports
Option + 2656White Chess RookSports
Option + 2657White Chess BishopSports
Option + 2658White Chess KnightSports
Option + 2659White Chess PawnSports
Option + 265ABlack Chess KingSports
Option + 265BBlack Chess QueenSports
Option + 265CBlack Chess RookSports
Option + 265DBlack Chess BishopSports
Option + 265EBlack Chess KnightSports
Option + 265FBlack Chess PawnSports
Option + 2660Black Spade SuitSports
Option + 2661White Hearts SuitSports
Option + 2662White Spade SuitSports
Option + 2663Black Club SuitSports
Option + 2664White Spade SuitSports
Option + 2665Black Hearts SuitSports
Option + 2666Black Diamond SuitSports
Option + 2667White Club SuitSports
Option + 2669Crotchet or Quarter noteMusic
Option + 266AQuaver or Eighth noteMusic
Option + 266BMusical Single BarMusic
Option + 266CMusical Double BarMusic
Option + 266DMusic Flat SignMusic
Option + 266EMusic Natural SignMusic
Option + 266FMusic Sharp SignMusic

Using Alt Keys in Mac

You can use one of the option keys on your keyboard to use the shortcuts. For example, press alt or option, shift and = keys together to produce plus or minus symbol like ±.

Using Option or Alt Keys in Mac Keyboard
Using Option or Alt Keys in Mac Keyboard

Similar to any other text content, you can increase or decrease the font size of the symbols and apply colors.

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Typing Accented Characters with Alt Key

In our earlier article, we have explained how to type accented characters in Windows. You can use the below shortcut as a reference to insert accented characters in Mac. Remember, while option + a will produce å, you don’t need to press and hold the option key in most cases. For example, pressing option + u will produce umlaut with the two dots above like ¨. Now you can leave the keys and type e to produce ë.

AccentExampleSmall LetterCapital Letter
Acuteá Á[Option + E] Vowel[Option + E] [Shift + Vowel]
Circumflexâ Â[Option + I] Vowel[Option + I] [Shift + Vowel]
Graveà À[Option + `] Vowel[Option + `] [Shift + Vowel]
Umlautë Ë[Option + U] Vowel[Option + U] [Shift + Vowel]
Cedillaç ÇOption + COption + Shift + C
EszettßOption + SOption + S

Alternatively, press and hold the special letter key to view the options similar to iPhone or iPad keyboard. In order to show the options for capital letters press and hold shift with the special key

Type Accented Small Letters in Mac
Type Accented Small Letters in Mac

Using Unicode Hex Input

Mac offers different keyboard input methods to type in a language different than your standard keyboard layout. You can change the input method to Unicode Hex Input and type keyboard characters and accented letters. For example, after switching to Unicode Hex Input, open Pages and type Option + 0024 to insert $ symbol. You need to use this method for most of the shortcuts in the above table.

Inserting Emojis and Special Symbols

Similar to Windows Character Map, Mac has a Character Viewer tool to insert emojis, symbols and special characters in any text content. Press, “Command + Control + Space” to open Character Viewer and insert the symbol you need.

Mac Character Viewer
Mac Character Viewer

Alternatively, you can also select “Show Emoji & Symbols” option from the “Input menu” icon in the top menu bar.

Show Emoji and Symbols in Mac
Show Emoji and Symbols in Mac

In Character Viewer, you can search for letters under “Latin” group or search breve or macron to find all relevant letters.

Wrapping Up

Many users think alt code shortcuts are useful only on Windows operating system. However, you can also use Option or alt key on your Mac to insert symbols and special characters. In addition, you can also use Character Viewer to insert emojis and symbols on all Mac documents.

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22 thoughts on “Alt Code Shortcuts for Mac to Insert Symbols”

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  1. What iff the 0 key is not wordking and you would use the “alt”option it’s impossible to type 0

    “option”+ 0030 = 0 on a Mac
    “ALT”+48 = 0 on Windows

    why not use the same on WIndows and Mac ???
    not well thought Apple .

    • They actually are the same on Windows and Mac, except Mac uses the Hexadecimal numbering system and Windows uses decimal. 30 in hex is 3×16+0=48, same number as Windows uses.

      • That’s right. However, adding 0 prefix is needed in many cases to type 4 digit code. This is to avoid it does not conflict with default shortcuts in the system.

        In addition, only 4 digit hexadecimal codes will work in Mac and you should change the input method. These two are not required in Windows PC.

    • Option + 00B2 will create a superscript like (10 m²). Hope that is what you want. It is already in the above table with the name as Power of Two.

  2. I’m looking for a Windows app that would let me use the Alt key like the option key on mac so I can easily type special characters while using Windows.

    Any ideas? Thanks :)

  3. Is it possible to type the characters eth (Ð upper case and ð lowercase) and thorn (Þ uppercase and þ lowercase) both used today in Icelandic, and in Old English, Middle English, and Faroese (for eth), and in Old English, Gothic, Old Norse and Old Swedish (for thorn)?

    • Use Unicode Hex Input keyboard layout:

      Ð – Latin Small Letter Eth – Option + 00D0
      ð – Latin Capital Letter Eth – Option + 00F0

  4. Hello,
    I need to insert a breve over an ‘a’. If I use option+shift+. I get the breve but not the ‘a’. How do get both at the same time?



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