Alt Code Shortcuts for Realty Symbols

In our previous article we have explained all the shortcuts for transportation and map related symbols. But there are many land related symbols not covered under that category. So we have created another group and here is a list of alt code shortcuts for realty symbols. You can also checkout 600+ alt key shortcuts for Windows and alt code shortcuts for masOS.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Realty Symbols

Use one of the alt keys and enter the decimal numbers with number pad on your keyboard. For example, alt + 127959 will produce the under construction building symbol like ?. This method will work on all Windows based documents like Word, PowerPoint and Excel. On Word documents, you can use the hexadecimal code and press alt + x keys to convert it to a symbol. For example, 1F3D8 + alt + x will produces the houses or town symbol like ?.

DecimalHex CodeSymbolDescription
Alt + 1273191F157🅗Hotel
Alt + 1277501F306🌆Cityscape At Night
Alt + 1277511F307🌇Sunset Over Buildings
Alt + 1279561F3D4🏔Snow Capped Mountain
Alt + 1279571F3D5🏕Camping Site
Alt + 1279581F3D6🏖Beach With Umbrella
Alt + 1279591F3D7🏗Building Under Construction
Alt + 1279601F3D8🏘Houses Or Town
Alt + 1279611F3D9🏙City
Alt + 1279621F3DA🏚Abandoned House Or Site
Alt + 1279631F3DB🏛Government Or Public Building
Alt + 1279641F3DC🏜Desert
Alt + 1279651F3DD🏝Desert Island
Alt + 1279661F3DE🏞Park
Alt + 1279671F3DF🏟Stadium
Alt + 1279681F3E0🏠Simple House
Alt + 1279691F3E1🏡Garden House
Alt + 1279701F3E2🏢Office Building
Alt + 1279721F3E4🏤European Post Office
Alt + 1279741F3E6🏦Bank
Alt + 1279751F3E7🏧Automatic Teller Machine
Alt + 1279761F3E8🏨Hotel
Alt + 1279781F3EA🏪Grocery Store
Alt + 1279801F3EC🏬Departmental Store
Alt + 1279811F3ED🏭Factory
Alt + 1279831F3EF🏯Japanese Castle
Alt + 1279841F3F0🏰European Castle
Alt + 1286791F6A7🚧Under Construction
Alt + 1286821F6AA🚪Door
Alt + 1287031F6BF🚿Shower
Alt + 1287041F6C0🛀Bath
Alt + 1287161F6CC🛌Accommodation
Alt + 1287191F6CF🛏Bed
Alt + 996326EBCastle
Alt + 996826F0Mountain
Alt + 996926F1Umbrella On Beach
Alt + 997826FATent

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Below is the image reference for the shortcuts. Right click and save as for offline purposes.

Alt Code Realty Symbols
Alt Code Realty Symbols

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