Alt Key Shortcuts for Transportation Symbols

We have 600+ alt key shortcuts published in a separate article. But it is difficult to cover each category in detail within a single page. So we have dedicated alt key shortcuts pages for numbers, currency and arrows. In continuation here is the complete list of alt key shortcuts for transportation symbols like car, bus, airplane, etc. Unicode system covers the transport and map symbols within the point range from 1F680 to 1F6FF. You can use different methods depending on the applications to insert transportation symbols on your documents.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Transportation Symbols

Remember the basics, the hexadecimal code with “Alt + X” combination as in the second column of the below table will work only on Microsoft Word. While “Alt + Keys” shortcuts in the first column will work on all Microsoft documents like Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Alt + KeysKeys Alt + XTransportation SymbolSymbol Description
Alt + 1286401F680๐Ÿš€Rocket
Alt + 1286431F683๐ŸšƒTrain Compartment
Alt + 1286441F684๐Ÿš„Train
Alt + 1286451F685๐Ÿš…Bullet Train
Alt + 1286471F687๐Ÿš‡Subway or Metro
Alt + 1286491F689๐Ÿš‰Train Station
Alt + 1286521F68C๐ŸšŒBus
Alt + 1286551F68F๐ŸšBus Stop
Alt + 1286571F691๐Ÿš‘Ambulance
Alt + 1286581F692๐Ÿš’Fire Engine
Alt + 1286591F693๐Ÿš“Police Car
Alt + 1286611F695๐Ÿš•Taxi
Alt + 1286631F697๐Ÿš—Car
Alt + 1286651F699๐Ÿš™Entertaining Vehicle
Alt + 1286661F69A๐ŸššTruck
Alt + 1286741F6A2๐ŸšขShip
Alt + 1286761F6A4๐ŸšคBoat
Alt + 1286771F6A5๐ŸšฅTraffic Light
Alt + 1286791F6A7๐ŸšงRoad Under Construction
Alt + 1286801F6A8๐ŸšจPolice Siren
Alt + 1286811F6A9๐ŸšฉFlag Post
Alt + 1286821F6AA๐ŸšชDoor
Alt + 1286831F6AB๐ŸšซNo Entry
Alt + 1286841F6AC๐ŸšฌSmoking Area
Alt + 1286851F6AD๐ŸšญNo Smoking Area
Alt + 1286901F6B2๐ŸšฒBicycle
Alt + 1286941F6B6๐ŸšถPedestrian Walking
Alt + 1286971F6B9๐ŸšนMen
Alt + 1286981F6BA๐ŸšบWomen
Alt + 1287001F6BC๐ŸšผChild
Alt + 1287011F6BD๐ŸšฝToilet
Alt + 1287021F6BE๐ŸšพWater Closet
Alt + 1287041F6C0๐Ÿ›€Bath Tower
Alt + 1279681F3E0๐Ÿ House
Alt + 1279691F3E1๐ŸกHouse with Garden
Alt + 1279701F3E2๐ŸขOffice Building
Alt + 1279731F3E5๐ŸฅHospital
Alt + 1279741F3E6๐ŸฆBank
Alt + 1279751F3E7๐ŸงAutomated Teller Machine
Alt + 1279761F3E8๐ŸจHotel
Alt + 1279771F3E9๐ŸฉLove Hotel
Alt + 1279781F3EA๐ŸชConvenience Store
Alt + 1279791F3EB๐ŸซSchool
Alt + 1279801F3EC๐ŸฌDepartmental Store
Alt + 1279811F3ED๐ŸญFactory
Alt + 1279821F3EE๐ŸฎLantern
Alt + 1279831F3EF๐ŸฏJapanese Castle
Alt + 1279841F3F0๐ŸฐEuropean Castle
Alt + 99922708โœˆAirplane
Alt + 997326F5โ›ตSailing Boat
Alt + 996226EAโ›ชChurch
Alt + 998126FDโ›ฝFuel Pump
Alt + 1285071F5FB๐Ÿ—ปMountain
Alt + 1285081F5FC๐Ÿ—ผTower

Insert Transportation Symbols in Windows

Windows operating system allows you to insert symbols in different ways.

  • Alt + Numbers Shortcuts Method – Press one of the alt keys and then enter the numbers one by one using numeric pad on your keyboard. For example, pressing Alt and then 128690 keys on the numeric pad will produce the bicycle symbol ?.
  • Keys + Alt + X Method – As mentioned, this method works only on Word documents. Type the numbers one by one using regular number keys and then press one of the alt keys and X. For example, pressing 1f6ad keys and then press Alt with X keys will produce the no smoking symbol?.
  • Emoji Keyboard – Press “Win + ;” or “Win + .” keys to open emoji keyboard in Windows 10. Type the “Car” icon on the bottom to show all emojis under “Transportation and places” category. Choose the symbol to insert on your document.
Transport Emoji Symbols
Transport Emoji Symbols

Inserting Transportation Symbols in Mac

On Mac documents like Pages and Keynote, press “Control + Command + Spacebar” to open Character Viewer app. Navigate to “Emoji > Travel & Places” category to find all transportation related symbols like below.

Transport Emoji Symbols in Mac
Transport Emoji Symbols in Mac

Symbol Variations

As you can see on the browser display, most of the transportation symbols are emoji symbols having predefined encoding. Therefore, you can’t change the color of these emoji symbols. However, you can change the size and background to customize.





Note: Sometimes the font used on the document will impact the use of alt key shortcuts. Hence, if the symbol is not displayed then change your font to one of the generic font types and try again.

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