Alt Code Shortcuts for Double Stroke Letters and Numbers

Windows and Mac operating systems offer different types of fonts. However, there are no default fonts to type characters with double stroke like โ„• or ?. One alternate option is to use equivalent fonts like Castellar or Imprint MT Shadow. These fonts can create nearly a double stroke style text. However, if you want to type letters and numbers in double stroke then the easy way is to use alt code shortcuts.

Alt Code Shortcuts for Double Stroke Letters and Numbers

Here is a list of alt code shortcuts for double stroke letters and numbers.

Alt + 1201201D538๐”ธDouble stroke capital A
Alt + 1201211D539๐”นDouble stroke capital B
Alt + 84502102โ„‚Double stroke capital C
Alt + 1201231D53B๐”ปDouble stroke capital D
Alt + 1201241D53C๐”ผDouble stroke capital E
Alt + 1201251D53D๐”ฝDouble stroke capital F
Alt + 1201261D53E๐”พDouble stroke capital G
Alt + 8461210Dโ„Double stroke capital H
Alt + 1201281D540๐•€Double stroke capital I
Alt + 1201291D541๐•Double stroke capital J
Alt + 1201301D542๐•‚Double stroke capital K
Alt + 1201311D543๐•ƒDouble stroke capital L
Alt + 1201321D544๐•„Double stroke capital M
Alt + 84692115โ„•Double stroke capital N
Alt + 1201341D546๐•†Double stroke capital O
Alt + 84732119โ„™Double stroke capital P
Alt + 8474211Aโ„šDouble stroke capital Q
Alt + 8477211Dโ„Double stroke capital R
Alt + 1201381D54A๐•ŠDouble stroke capital S
Alt + 1201391D54B๐•‹Double stroke capital T
Alt + 1201401D54C๐•ŒDouble stroke capital U
Alt + 1201411D54D๐•Double stroke capital V
Alt + 1201421D54E๐•ŽDouble stroke capital W
Alt + 1201431D54F๐•Double stroke capital X
Alt + 1201441D550๐•Double stroke capital Y
Alt + 84842124โ„คDouble stroke capital Z
Alt + 1201461D552๐•’Double stroke small a
Alt + 1201471D553๐•“Double stroke small b
Alt + 1201481D554๐•”Double stroke small c
Alt + 1201491D555๐••Double stroke small d
Alt + 1201501D556๐•–Double stroke small e
Alt + 1201511D557๐•—Double stroke small f
Alt + 1201521D558๐•˜Double stroke small g
Alt + 1201531D559๐•™Double stroke small h
Alt + 1201541D55A๐•šDouble stroke small i
Alt + 1201551D55B๐•›Double stroke small j
Alt + 1201561D55C๐•œDouble stroke small k
Alt + 1201571D55D๐•Double stroke small l
Alt + 1201581D55E๐•žDouble stroke small m
Alt + 1201591D55F๐•ŸDouble stroke small n
Alt + 1201601D560๐• Double stroke small o
Alt + 1201611D561๐•กDouble stroke small p
Alt + 1201621D562๐•ขDouble stroke small q
Alt + 1201631D563๐•ฃDouble stroke small r
Alt + 1201641D564๐•คDouble stroke small s
Alt + 1201651D565๐•ฅDouble stroke small t
Alt + 1201661D566๐•ฆDouble stroke small u
Alt + 1201671D567๐•งDouble stroke small v
Alt + 1201681D568๐•จDouble stroke small w
Alt + 1201691D569๐•ฉDouble stroke small x
Alt + 1201701D56A๐•ชDouble stroke small y
Alt + 1201711D56B๐•ซDouble stroke small z
Alt + 1207921D7D8๐Ÿ˜Double stroke digit zero
Alt + 1207931D7D9๐Ÿ™Double stroke digit one
Alt + 1207941D7DA๐ŸšDouble stroke digit two
Alt + 1207951D7DB๐Ÿ›Double stroke digit three
Alt + 1207961D7DC๐ŸœDouble stroke digit four
Alt + 1207971D7DD๐ŸDouble stroke digit five
Alt + 1207981D7DE๐ŸžDouble stroke digit six
Alt + 1207991D7DF๐ŸŸDouble stroke digit seven
Alt + 1208001D7E0๐Ÿ Double stroke digit eight
Alt + 1208011D7E1๐ŸกDouble stroke digit nine
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Double Stroke Letters in Windows

On Windows documents, you can use the alt code shortcuts to insert the double stroke characters. For example, alt + 120153 will produce small letter h with double stroke like ?. However, you should have long keyboard with additional numeric pad for typing the decimal numbers with alt keys.

Alternatively, you can use hexadecimal codes with normal keyboard. For example, 2124 + alt + x will produce will produce double stroke capital Z like โ„ค.

Double Stroke Letters in Mac

On Mac documents like Pages and Keynote, you can use the 4 digit hexadecimal code along with option or alt code. For example, type โ€œoption + 2119โ€ will produce double stroke capital P like โ„™. Unfortunately, most of the hexadecimal codes are 5 digits for double stroke characters. Therefore, you need to use the Character Viewer app to search and insert these symbols.

  • When you are in the document, press “Control + Command + Space” to open Character Viewer.
  • Type “double” in the search box to find the double stroke letters and numbers.
  • Double click and start typing the words with double stroke letters like ?????? ??????.
  • This is easier compared to typing letter by letter in Windows using alt code shortcuts.
Double Stroke Letters and Numbers in Mac
Double Stroke Letters and Numbers in Mac

Font Variations

The advantage of Character Viewer is that you can easily choose different font variation for each symbols. However, on Windows documents you should customize the font and format manually.




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