How to Import and Export Bookmarks in Google Chrome?

Google Chrome is decent browser where you can maintain all you bookmarked pages. However, there are many reasons we need to move the bookmarks to different browser. It could be on the same computer to another browser like Firefox or Edge. Or to another computer with same Google Chrome. Though you can use the sync feature for moving to Chrome on other device, you would have synchronized all bookmarks by logging into your Google account. For any reasons, if you are struck here is how you can import and export bookmarks in Google Chrome.

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Export Bookmarks from Chrome in HTML Format

When you use another web browser, it will be time consuming to add bookmarks manually. You can export bookmarks in Chrome to HTML format, which can be opened and imported by other web browsers.

  • Launch Chrome browser and go to the settings menu from the three dots button on the top right corner. Navigate to “Bookmarks > Bookmarks Manager” section.
  • Alternatively, use Chrome command URL “chrome://bookmarks/” in the address bar to directly open Bookmarks Manager.
  • When you are in Bookmarks Manager, click on the three dot buttons next to the search box on the bookmarks top bar.
  • Now, click on the “Export bookmarks” and save the HTML file to a preferred location on your hard drive.
Export Bookmarks from Chrome
Export Bookmarks from Chrome

You can use the exported HTML bookmarks file to migrate all your bookmarked content to any browser on same or other computer.

Import HTML Bookmarks to Chrome

Similar to exporting, you can also import bookmarks in HTML format to your Chrome web browser.

  • Go to “chrome://bookmarks/” and click three dots button.
  • Choose “Import bookmarks” option and upload the HTML file from your hard drive.
Import Bookmarks in Chrome
Import Bookmarks in Chrome

Chrome will show all imported bookmarks under a separate “Imported” folder without mixing with existing bookmarks.

Importing Bookmarks from Other Browsers to Chrome

This is a useful option when you have multiple browsers on the same computer and want to import bookmarks to Chrome from other browser.

  • Go to the command URL “chrome://settings/” and open “Import bookmarks and settings” option.
Import Bookmarks in Chrome from Settings
Import Bookmarks in Chrome from Settings
  • Alternatively, you can directly go to the URL “chrome://settings/importData”.
  • Chrome will automatically show all installed browsers on your computer. You will also have an to import from “Bookmarks HTML File” to import similarly as explained above.
Bookmarks Upload from HTML File
Bookmarks Upload from HTML File
  • Choose the browser from the dropdown and check the “Favorites/Bookmarks” box.
Import Bookmarks from Other Browsers
Import Bookmarks from Other Browsers
  • Click on the “Import” button to import the bookmarks to Chrome.

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Syncing Bookmarks Between Computers

With this method, you can easily and quickly use an identical list of bookmarks on different computers. Since Chrome version 4.0, you can use the Bookmarks Sync feature to move your bookmarks quickly to other devices. When you add or remove a bookmark, the change will be applied automatically to other devices as well. Remember you should sign into your Google account in order to sync the bookmarks on all devices.

You can log in to Chrome by going to “chrome://settings” and click on the “Sign in to Chrome” button.

Sign in to Chrome
Sign in to Chrome


Migrating across computers or to another browser is no more a hassle. You can simply download the HTML bookmarks file from Chrome and use it anywhere on other browsers. Similarly, you can also import the bookmarks directly from other browsers on a computer or use HTML export file to migrate bookmarks to Chrome.

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