Top 10 Chrome URL Command Line Shortcuts (Full List Included)

Google Chrome is a wonderful browser offering many hidden features like omnibox search, auto translate bar, video play controls and much more. Chrome also offers URL commands which can be directly entered in the address bar like a website address in the format chrome://command. These commands are very powerful and can be used as a shortcut to access the features quickly.

Top 10 Google Chrome URL Command Shortcuts

Here is a list of top 10 Chrome URL shortcuts. You can enter these URLs directly on the address bar without http in the front.

1. Access Chrome Settings

Syntax: chrome://settings

Normally, you can access the settings page through the menu icon. But you can simply access Chrome’s “Settings” page by entering the command “chrome://settings” in the address bar without going through the menu.

Chrome Settings URL Command
Chrome Settings URL Command

2. Check Version and Update

Syntax: chrome://chrome

Enter “chrome://chrome” to reach the “About” page of the Chrome browser. Basically you can check out the latest version of your Chrome and update it if it is not up to date. Chrome version also can be checked using URL “chrome://version“.

Chrome Version and Update Check Command
Chrome Version and Update Check Command

3. Check Browsing History

Syntax: chrome://history

Access browsing history with this URL command instead of going through the menu.

Chrome History Command
Chrome History Command

4. View Extensions

Syntax: chrome://extensions

View complete list of installed extensions on your Chrome browser.

Chrome Extensions Command
Chrome Extensions Command

5. Check Flags for Experimental Features

Syntax: chrome://flags

This is URL command to see all experimental features offered by Chrome. As mentioned in the page use any of these features at your own risk.

Chrome Experimental Features
Chrome Experimental Features

6. View Bookmarks

Syntax: chrome://bookmarks

Quickly open Chrome Bookmarks Manager and view the list of your bookmarked pages.

Chrome Bookmarks Command
Chrome Bookmarks Command

7. Chrome Crash Report

Syntax: chrome://crashes

View crash report of your browser using this Google Chrome command URL. You need to enable the option “Automatically send usage statistics and crash reports to Google” available under “Settings > Privacy” menu in order to enable crash reports.

Chrome Crash Report Command
Chrome Crash Report Command

8. Chrome DNS Prefetch

Syntax: chrome://DNS

View host names for which Chrome will prefetch DNS.

Chrome DNS Command
Chrome DNS Command

9. View HTTP Cache Files

Syntax: chrome://view-http-cache

Google Chrome has a powerful caching mechanism to load pages faster on subsequent viewing of pages from the same website. Though this feature is useful for general users, it may be annoying for web developers as the changes will not be reflected immediately. Using this command URL, you can view the files cached on the browser. Also you can click on the file link to see the HTTP header status like how long the cache is valid.

View HTTP Cache Status in Chrome
View HTTP Cache Status in Chrome

10. View Site’s Thumbnail

Syntax: chrome://thumbnails

When you open Chrome, the home page contains the thumbnails of the latest visited websites. Using this URL command you can view the list of top sites having thumbnail shortcut in your browser. Also you can right click on the image and download to your computer. So this is one of the easy ways to generate thumbnails for the websites.

View Site Thumbnails in Google Chrome
View Site Thumbnails in Google Chrome

Bonus URL Command

Well, this is the one URL command you should probably remember. You can check the complete list of Google Chrome URL commands using the following command.

Syntax: chrome://about or chrome://chrome-urls

List of Chrome URLs
List of Chrome URLs

Complete List of Shortcut URLs:

Below is a complete list of available Chrome URLs:

Chrome URLDescription
chrome://aboutList all Chrome URLs
chrome://accessibilityEnable native accessibility API support for web content like screen reader.
chrome://appcache-internalsShow location of Chrome cache instances
chrome://appsShow Google apps like Web Store, YouTube, Gmail, etc.
chrome://blob-internalsShow Binary Large Objects (blob) internal storage data.
chrome://bluetooth-internalsShow Bluetooth device details.
chrome://bookmarksShow Chrome bookmarks.
chrome://chromeGo to settings help to view version and update Chrome.
chrome://chrome-urlsShow list of Chrome command URLs
chrome://componentsList all components and option to check for update.
chrome://crashesView all previous crashes.
chrome://creditsList license and homepage details for all Chrome components.
chrome://device-logMonitor the available device details, you can add parameter to this URL to auto refresh and monitor the connected devices.
chrome://devicesView available devices connected in the network, you should login to your Google account to view devices.
chrome://dinoPlay T-rex dinosaur game displayed generally during no internet connection.
chrome://discardsDiscard any of the opened tab.
chrome://dnsShow DNS details that will be prefetched during startup.
chrome://download-internalsMonitor downloads and status.
chrome://downloadsView all downloaded files.
chrome://extensionsView list of all installed extensions.
chrome://flagsShow all experimental features.
chrome://flashView Flash player plugin details.
chrome://gcm-internalsGoogle Cloud Messaging (GCM) monitoring.
chrome://gpuView details of Graphics Processing Unit (GPU).
chrome://helpView version and update Chrome.
chrome://histogramsHistorical status from startup of Chrome.
chrome://historyView all browsing history.
chrome://indexeddb-internalsShow indexedDB storage details.
chrome://inspectInspect with Chrome developer tools.
chrome://interventions-internalsControl preview allowed and blacklist.
chrome://invalidationsInvalidations debug information.
chrome://local-stateTechnical details of Chrome features and enabled state.
chrome://media-engagementMedia engagement settings and details.
chrome://media-internalsShow players, audio and video device details.
chrome://naclAbout Chrome Native Client (NaCl).
chrome://net-exportNetwork log export.
chrome://net-internalsShow all network events.
chrome://network-errorsList of all network errors shown in Chrome.
chrome://newtabOpen Chrome New Tab.
chrome://ntp-tiles-internalsView sites shown on Chrome New Tab Page (NTP).
chrome://omniboxTest Chrome omnibox search.
chrome://password-manager-internalsPassword manager logs.
chrome://policyView Chrome policies.
chrome://predictorsView auto complete and resource prefetch details.
chrome://printChrome print screen.
chrome://quota-internalsView statistics of usage and quota by viewed sites.
chrome://safe-browsingView safe browsing page details.
chrome://serviceworker-internalsDetails of service worker script.
chrome://settingsGo to Chrome settings page.
chrome://signin-internalsChrome signin details.
chrome://site-engagementDetails of engagement of all viewed sites.
chrome://suggestionsShow recommended suggestions.
chrome://supervised-user-internalsSupervised user account details.
chrome://sync-internalsSync details with your Google account, if summary is ready then account is in sync.
chrome://systemCheck system details like OS version, memory usage and installed Chrome extensions.
chrome://taskscheduler-internalsTask scheduler details.
chrome://termsGoogle Chrome terms of service.
chrome://thumbnailsView thumbnails of top sites shown in New Tab page.
chrome://tracingRecord tracing log.
chrome://translate-internalsLanguage translation settings.
chrome://usb-internalsTest USB device.
chrome://user-actionsList all user actions.
chrome://versionView Chrome version.
chrome://webrtc-internalsShow current Real Time Communications (RTC).
chrome://webrtc-logsReal Time Communications (RTC) logs.
chrome://memory-exhaust/Exhaust memory and show Aw! Snap! page.
chrome://quit/Close Chrome.
chrome://restart/Restart Chrome.

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