10 Cyber Threats You Can Protect with Antivirus Software

Earlier days many of us use Internet for simple tasks and did not need a strong antivirus software on their computer. People who checked email, did a little word processing, and maybe checked a stock quote or the score of a ballgame weren’t in real jeopardy. But those days are a distant memory. Going out onto the Internet these days without a good antivirus software at your side is a bit like walking through downtown Los Angeles at 3 a.m. holding a bag of money in one hand and a sign that says “Please, rob me!” in the other.  

Most people get everything done online starting from working, shopping, communicating and even buy their groceries, order takeout, and talk to doctors and veterinarians online. Even if you consciously limit your time going digital, you are still making a sizable enough footprint for any self-respecting hacker of cybercriminal to take notice. A strong antivirus product liked Bitdefender protects you from the dangers you know and the ones you don’t.

Top 10 Cyber Threats You Can Find with Antivirus Software

Here’s a breakdown of some of the things a good antivirus software provides.

1. Finance Protection

You can do almost anything online that you could at a brick-and-mortar bank. That’s good and bad. A large quantity of phishing scams originate with fake emails pretending to be from your bank. You can see the sender as your bank requesting you log in to a bogus site. A strong antivirus software installed on your computer will deny you a connection to a fake website. This will protect your financial wealth even you wrongly clicked some fake links in the emails.

2. Data Protection

Even if you are not a company, your data is the most vital component of your online identity. Files and documents are on most people’s computers by the thousands. Antivirus software keeps an eye out for spyware that tries to worm its way in and snoop. You can also schedule a periodic scan to keep the data on your computer free from threats.

3. Identity Theft Prevention

You might be one of a kind but if you aren’t careful someone can use your ID to buy drugs. If hackers get a hold of your driver’s license, medical records or anything else with your picture on it, they can have the “new you” signing up for credit cards and filling prescriptions. Having a latest antivirus can help you stop the hackers trying to sneak into your computer. 

4. Safe Kid Browsing

You know what kind of bad stuff is lurking on the Internet, and the last person in the world you want seeing that kind of stuff is your kids. Simple controls on your computer is no more enough with your intelligent kid. Safe and powerful parental controls are part of most antivirus programs to keep things clean.

5. Blocking Malicious Websites

Have you ever misspelled the name of a popular website and ended up on a bizarre page full of  pictures and ads? That’s a malicious website trying to grab ahold of your vital information and dump some spyware on your server. Antivirus software can smell out misspellings like this and keep you away from the wrong part of the Internet.

Scan Computer Files with Antivirus

6. Keep the Spam in the Ocean

Phishing is a way of attempting to steal your data with the fake identity. These attacks are custom designed to steal your passwords, credentials and personal information. In most cases, the thief communicate with you over emails by including spam links. Antivirus software will monitor your inbox and drastically reduce the number of spam messages that reach you. This will help you to save your time from reading spam emails and messages and protect you from the threat.

7. Ransomware

If ransomware tries to sneak onto your system and lock it up, antivirus software can quarantine it before it deploys and does any damage.

8. Man-in-the-Middle Attack

These are cyberattacks where a third person is viewing your conversation with another person. These happen via DNS spoofing or WiFi hacking. 

9. Brute force attacks

Some of the scariest attacks on the Internet, they come at your password hard until it is figured out or your system gets overwhelmed and crashes. Either way it’s big trouble if you don’t have protection.

Spam Protection

10. Malvertising

We’re all used to popup ads annoying the heck out of us, but some of them aren’t just filling up your screen, they’re trying to slide something onto your system when you click on them. Smart antivirus software will keep these ads from even appearing.

Final Words

You can encounter many of the above mentioned threats when working online. During your busy schedule you may ignore these threats and land up in trouble. The infected computers not only poses threat to your data but also danger to your hard earned money. Having a strong antirust can help you automatically protect yourselves from these threats.

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