What is Baidu Share Tool?

What is Baidu Share?

Baidu share is a sharing tool for site owners helps to add famous Chinese social sharing buttons like QQ, Renren and Sina to your site. Baidu share not only helps to bring more social traffic but also has two distinct advantages:

  • Increases crawl speed by Baidu Spider
  • Baidu search results page shows the amount of share

Baidu Share option is available under Other Tools section of Baidu webmaster tools account and click on the “Now Use” button to go to the Baidu share code generator page “share.baidu.com”.

Baidu Share in Webmaster Tools
Baidu Share in Webmaster Tools

Baidu Share Tools Options

Baidu offers you the following free options for using social media sharing:

  • Share Buttons
  • Like Buttons
  • Like and Share Button together
  • Baidu Image Sharing
  • Add to Baidu Home

You can get the JavaScript code for any of the above buttons and add it your web pages. You only need a Baidu webmaster tools account in order to monitor the use of these social sharing buttons in your site otherwise you can get the code without having webmaster tools account also. Click here to go to Baidu Share page.

Customize Baidu Share Options

Click on the “Get Code” drop-down and choose any option as mentioned above. Here we show how to get the code for “Share Buttons” which is the first option under “Get Code” drop-down.

Baidu Share - Get Code
Baidu Share – Get Code

You have various customization options to choose and then check instant preview of your selection. Once you completed your customization then copy the JavaScript code and paste it between <BODY> and </BODY> tags of your site’s pages.

Baidu Share Customizing Options
Baidu Share Customizing Options

Baidu floating sharing buttons is the simple and beautiful sharing tool which can be shown in all your pages.

Color and position of the floating button widget can be customized as per your need as shown in the below picture.

Baidu Floating Share Widget
Baidu Floating Share Widget

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