Weebly Pro Vs Starter Plans Comparison

Weebly Pricing Plans

Weebly offers four different types of upgrade plans for using its site builder features in order to cover all segments of users. Choosing what type of plan suitable for you depends on the features you need and the cost you ready to spend on monthly basis. Below are the plans offered by Weebly at this moment:

Upgrade PlanTarget Segment of Users
FreeAll type of users wants to create a showcase site with few pages and a blog with no additional features.
StarterUsers want to build a basic site with minimal features.
ProUsers want to build professional looking site with own branding like self hosted video player, search box and header slideshow.
Business PlanUsers with the need to have an ecommerce platform for selling goods online (both digital and physical products).
Performance PlanFull fledged online store with discount coupons, gift cards and sending abandoned cart email to users.

Why You Need to Upgrade?

Before we compare the featured of Starter and Pro plans first we list out the points why a Weebly user needs to upgrade to premium plan, in other words what are the restriction of free users forcing them to upgrade.

  • Initially Weebly offered free account with unlimited pages but now free users are restricted to merely 5 pages.
  • Connecting to custom domain is not possible for free users. This was also a feature initially offered by Weebly.
  • Free users can’t display ads like Google AdSense. Again this was also the feature removed over the period of time from initial days.

There are many other reasons for you to go for upgrade based on the needed features.

Weebly Starter Vs Pro Features

Once you decided to go for the upgrade next comes the question to choose Starter or Pro plan? Assuming you don’t have the need of an ecommerce features, starter or pro is a real question for you to find answer before upgrade. We attempt to address the questions by means of comparing the features and pricing. Here is the complete list of features comparison of free, starter and Pro plans from Weebly to show what will you get under each plans.

List of
Including ecommerce
  • Free Site Builder
  • Free Web Hosting
  • Unlimited Pages
  • Custom Domain Connect
  • Remove Footer Ad
  • Drag & Drop Footer
  • Custom Favicon
  • Complete Site Statistics
  • Premium Support
  • Editor Permissions
  • File Upload Limite
  • Header Slideshow
  • Audio Player
  • HD Video Player
  • Page Password Protection
  • Site Search Box
  • Site Members
  • Member Registration
  • Google Adwords Coupon
  • Unlimited Products
  • No Transaction Fee
  • SSL Certificate
  • Domain Shopping Cart
  • Selling Digital Goods
  • Inventory Management
  • Shipping Details
  • Tax Calculator
  • Offer Coupon Codes
Life time
  • Limited to 5
  • Up to 100MB
  • Up to 5
  • 3%
per month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 100MB
  • $100
per month (yearly plan)
  • Up to 250MB
  • Limited to 100
  • $100

Now the task is to analyze the exclusive pro features which are not part of the starter plan. Let us discuss one by one with alternative options in the below table:

Exclusive Pro feature not part of Starter planAlternative Options / RemarksConclusion – Needed or not?
Header SlideshowConsider whether you need such a slideshow on your site. This is generally added only on a landing page.
If needed it can be added by modifying source HTML / CSS.
You may need pro to have a header slideshow without hassle.
Audio PlayerEmbedded audio players with play list are available.
Example: Soundcloud
HD Video PlayerVideo embedding is easy with YouTube or Vimeo, this also will reduce the size of the site and improve page loading speed.
Password protection on page levelNo free alternative option available. But check whether you need page level password protection for your site. it is not required for a general usage.You may need if you want to protect individual pages.
Search boxGoogle custom search provides better options to search whole the web or only the site. Search boxes can be easily added in a Weebly starter site and monetized if you have AdSense account.
MembershipMember limit of 100 without registration option raises the need of separate pro package.
Better membership features can be added using third party applications.
File Upload LimitUp to 100 MB file upload is sufficient in general cases. Or else you can use embedding option to link the source file anywhere in the cloud.
Editor PermissionsOnly needed for multi author blogs. If you have multiple authors then Weebly is not definitely the choice regardless of starter or pro plan.

For a normal user, we assume password protection and adding slideshow on a single landing page is not mandatory things compared to having custom domain and unlimited pages which are already part of starter plan. There are also many ecommerce features even not available for pro users like adding SSL certificate. It is obvious that Weebly concentrates more on its business plan without focusing on pro package. This indicates Weebly may soon restructure their features by combining starter and pro plans together.

Check out the comparison of Weebly Free Vs Starter and Weebly Free Vs Pro.

Let us checkout the pricing of starter and pro plans.

Pricing of Weebly Starter and Pro Plans

All Weebly pricing plans are valid for maximum of 2 years with the options to upgrade for 6 months, 1 year and 2 years. Below is the pricing table comparing each starter and pro versions for each timeframe.

  • 6 months
  • 1 year
  • 2 years
Weebly Pro
Price in $
per month per site
  • 9.83
  • 8.25
  • 6.63

For a 2 years plan Weebly pro will cost you $159 and Weebly starter plan will cost you just half of that $79. You can think of upgrading two free sites to a starter plan with the same cost of pro plan for a single site. The other option here is go for a paid hosting with self-hosted platforms like WordPress (.org version) which offers unlimited features like site memberships and slideshows.


Weebly Starter Plan

Important Features

Additional Features

Cost Effective

Weebly Pro Plan

Important Features

Additional Features

Cost Effective

When you look into the features and pricing, Weebly pro has minimal features compared to the pricing and Weebly starter is placed in a better position with appropriate features / cost mix.
On other hand if you want readymade drag and drop elements like search box or header slideshow without the hassle of looking for alternatives and modifying source HTML / CSS then pro pack is more suitable.

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