What are Baidu Site Security Tools?

One of the most important aspects of site building is to ensure that your site is free from malwares and vulnerabilities. The hacked sites seriously affect the experience of both user as well as search engines. Baidu webmaster tools offer free tools for webmasters to check whether your site is attacked by any malwares and the possible vulnerabilities in your sites.

There are two free security tools available in Baidu webmaster tools under Site Security section.

  • Security Detection Tools / Site Safety Testing
  • Site Vulnerability Detection Tool

Baidu Site Security Tool for Malware Detection

Check your site is not hacked and free from malware by using Baidu’s security detection tool as shown in the below picture. Select your site URL and click on Test button to get the list of site safety measurements.

Baidu will show the warning message “This site may be a security risk” in the search results for the site affected by malware. If you notice such a warning for your site then you can use this tool to check the problems in your site for free.

Baidu Site Safety Testing Tool
Baidu Site Safety Testing Tool

Vulnerability Testing Tool

This tool helps to identify whether your site is vulnerable to security problems. The high risk vulnerabilities include SQL injection vulnerabilities, XSS Cross Site Scripting vulnerability and Page source code leak.

You will get a recommendation of how to resolve the vulnerabilities found in your site during testing.

Baidu Site Vulnerability Testing Tool
Baidu Site Vulnerability Testing Tool

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