Site Promotion and Analysis for SEO

Promoting Your Website in Right Ways

Link building is an important part of website promotion as a site with more external links are placed top in the search engines results page. Though people interested in your content automatically will link to your pages, this is always not guaranteed even for the very best content. Hence every webmaster needs to promote their site a bit in order to make it popular and to reach the interesting people in the world. Here we discuss simple and search engine friendly promotion methods to get more traffic to your site.

Over doing any of these promotion methods will result your site is being marked as web spam by search engines and completely removed from search results.

1. Use Your Blog

Maintain a simple blog to keep up the user engagement. For example, you can announce a new product addition or new event in blog section. The advantage of announcing it in a blog is that the blog feed can be made available through various feed readers and interested people can subscribe to your blog and start following your content. Also you can submit the blog feed URL to search engines similar to Sitemap.

2. Social Media

Social media is actually more powerful than organic search and every social media companies are bringing their own search engine to the market. There is a contrary thinking on using social networking sites – basically you need to promote your site on social media and not social sites on your own site. So keep the bottom line of how you want to promote your site and strict to it without making it too much. Below are some easy ways to share your content:

  • Enable auto content sharing so that the article is automatically shared whenever you are publishing. Most of the content management systems facilitate this feature for free.
  • Place social icons on visible place for following and content sharing.
  • Keep a track of social sharing analytics to ensure you are aware of which type of content is shared more by users.
  • If you prominently use images, then consider enabling image sharing option on hover.
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Site Promotion Methods
Site Promotion Methods

3. Offline Promotion methods

Offline promotion methods help the user to get your latest content update without visiting your site every time. This includes email subscription and sending periodic newsletters. Ensure to send relevant content only to the subscribers and the emails are landing on inbox and not on junk or spam folder.

4. Using Forums

Another important and easy promotion method is to find out the same interested communities that of your site and start sharing and receiving updates related to your content. This is as effective as organic searches since only interested webmasters will be communicating with you and read your content. Find related forums of your site and start post your popular contents in the forums and build your community step by step.

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Analysis Tools for Webmasters

Merely promoting a site is no more sufficient and every webmasters need to analyze their site traffic to make sure the promotion is working in proper manner as expected. Following are the site analysis tools freely available for webmasters:

1. Webmaster Tools / Search Console

Every search engine offers free Webmaster Tools (Google renamed it as Search Console) account to analyze the site for various parameters. Below are some important features and read more about Webmaster Tools account in this article.

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Google Search Console

  • Submitting Sitemap and blog feed.
  • Monitoring blocked resources for search engines.
  • Search queries and keywords bringing traffic to your site.
  • Top landing pages on your site.
  • Troubleshooting by fetching the page as search engine bot.
  • Adjusting the crawling time of the bot.
  • Monitoring mobile usability issues.
  • Monitoring internal and external links.
  • Demoting the unnatural links and inform search engine to ignore the links.
  • Submit reconsideration request to include the site back in search results.
  • To find out different types of crawling errors.
View and Correct Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools
View and Correct Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

Building unnatural links will adversely affect your site’s reputation among users and followers of your content. Also search engines will mark your site as web spam and delist it from search results. Since external links can be created without your knowledge it is highly recommended to monitor the list of external links from Google Search Console. If you notice sudden drop in ranking or the site completely disappeared from search results then immediately check the “Manual Actions” section that you have received any violation messages.

In order to bring the site back in search results, ensure to demote all unnatural links using Google disavow links tool and then request for a review by submitting a reconsideration request to Google.

2. Google Analytics

Analytics is the foremost tool offers each and every part of your site’s performance. You can easily monitor the results of your site promotion and adjust your activities accordingly using Google Analytics.

For example you can find the landing and leaving page of users on your site for a particular search query. With this information you can identify the page users mostly leave your site and correct the content on that page to retain the users more time. If you have chosen social media promotions then Analytics provide a clear differentiation between organic, referral and social traffic to give you an idea of where you can improve further.

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3. Ranking Tools

Alexa is one of the reliable website ranking tools that webmasters can refer. It shows the number of external links along with local and global traffic rank of your site. This gives an overall idea about a site relative to the complete web. For example, you can target to improve your site’s global ranking below 100k mark (or any milestone you fix) as an improvement.

Google PageRank is another tool indicates the quality of a webpage with 0 to 10 scale (10 being high). It is also widely believed that PageRank mechanism is used by Google to decide a position of a page in search engine results page. Though there are recent debates that Google may discontinue this mechanism anytime, there is no harm in trying to improve the PageRank by following acceptable site promotion methods.

Dos and Don’ts:


  • Use site promotion methods in a limited and useful way.
  • Use various tools to optimize the site for search engines.
  • Monitor the performance.


  • Using follow or like exchanges to get free followers.
  • Buying links from high PageRank sites to increase your link popularity.
  • Promoting every page content in a social media without much interesting topic.
  • Entering spam comments in someone’s blog or posting as many as links in the forums.
  • Sending junk emails.

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