How to Find Alt Code Keyboard Shortcut for Any Symbol?

We have large collection of alt code keyboard shortcuts that you can view online or download to a PDF file. However, it is not always easy to find alt code shortcut for a symbol that you need. Most of the time you need search in different places to find the shortcut. In order to make it simple for anyone looking for the shortcut, we have launched a free alt code keyboard shortcut finder tool with more than 40k symbols.

What is Alt Code Shortcut Finder?

This is a free and comprehensive tool contains 40K+ symbols, special characters and icons. The main purpose of this tool is to find a decimal alt code keyboard shortcut for any selected symbol.

You can select any symbol, check the preview and get the shortcuts quickly. In addition to alt code shortcut, you can also find HTML entity, Hex code, CSS value, JS value and CSS code example for any symbol.

Whether you are working in office or individual business owner or a website designer, in a daily life, you may need to enter various symbols on documents. Unfortunately, you need to have different code for the same symbol to insert in different types of documents. For example, you can’t insert the alt code on HTML webpages. Also you can’t use HTML entity codes on CSS documents.

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Here comes a handy tool, on a single page without moving around, you can find all necessary symbols and codes to insert on your documents.

Features of the Tool?

  • 40K+ symbols, icons, special characters and emojis.
  • Many different ways to find the required icon.
  • Add the icon to favorite list so that you can use later.
  • Click to copy the shortcut.
  • Get alt code, HTML entity number, HTML entity name, CSS value and JS value.
  • The sample CSS code to insert the selected symbol on your stylesheet.
  • One single page and easy to use.

How to Search Symbols in the Tool?

When you load the tool it has two panes:

  • The left pane shows different options for finding a required symbol.
  • The right pane shows the preview and the shortcut codes for the selected symbol.

Finding a Symbol

Use one of the below options to find a symbol:

1. Search Icons: Use the search box in the “Search Icons” section to find the symbol. For example, type train and the tool will filter all related symbols instantly.

Search Icons to Get Shortcut
Search Icons to Get Shortcut

2. Icons Group Search: Click on the “Select group” search box and choose one of the groups. For example, you can select “Emoticons” to filter all emoji symbols.

Filter Icon Category
Filter Icon Category

3. Named Icons: This section lists out all icons that has HTML entity name. For example, hearts ♥ symbol has an HTML entity name as “& hearts ;”

4. Author Picked Icons: Some of the popular icons selected for you by default in this section.

Getting Alt Code Shortcut and Other Codes

Select a symbol using any of the above mentioned methods. The right pane will show the preview of the symbol along with the following shortcuts:

  • Alt code
  • HTML Entity Name
  • CSS Value
  • JavaScript Value
  • Font Family to Select for CSS Code (optional)
  • CSS Code Example
  • Symbol Description
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Getting Alt Code Shortcut
Getting Alt Code Shortcut

Simply copy and paste the symbol code to use anywhere you want. Check out 600+ alt code shortcuts with filter and search option.

How to Use Alt Code Shortcut?

Alt code shortcuts is an easy way to insert symbols in Windows based computers. On your numeric keyboard, press and hold one of the alt keys and then press the numbers one by one and release the alt key. This will convert the decimal number into a special symbol or character. Remember you need to have a keyboard with separate number pad for this to work. When you copy the alt code from the tool, ensure to use only the decimal numbers without & # or ; symbols. For example, hold alt key and type 1 9 4 keys and release alt key to make accented  character.

How to Use HTML entity?

Copy the HTML entity of the selected symbol and simply paste it on your HTML document to produce the symbol. Note, not all symbols will have HTML entity code.

How to Use CSS Code?

In order to use the symbol code in CSS, you need to have hexadecimal code of the symbol. Click to copy the CSS value and paste on your CSS documents to insert the required symbol. The CSS Code section shows an example of how to use the selected symbol in CSS using li operator. You can use any other tag to insert symbol in CSS. If you want to add any specific font family, click on the font family drop-down and choose your font family. The CSS code will automatically get updated with the selected font family.

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How to Use JS entity?

You can also get the JavaScript value of a symbol to use on the scripts.

How to Use Favorites?

After choosing the symbol, click on “Add to Favorites” button from the right pane. This will add the selected symbol to the favorites section on top of the left pane. You can add many symbols in the favorite section and quickly access when required. Even you close the browser and reopen the page from your bookmarks, all the favorites will be available for you to select.

Add to Favorites
Add to Favorites

Note: Symbols showing as box are not supported on the browsers. Avoid using them on the HTML and CSS documents. You can still use them on Windows documents like Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can view those symbol on Office documents when inserting with alt code.

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