WordPress Security PDF Guide

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WordPress Security Guide for Beginners

WordPress sites are more prone to security risks like hacking and malware attacks due to high popularity. Here is a free WordPress security guide you can download and understand how to protect your site from hackers. This guide covers the following topics in detail:

  • Keep your computer and mobile free from virus
  • Use secure hosting
  • Keep your installation updated
  • Use strong passwords
  • No admin username
  • Safe role management
  • Use reliable themes and plugins
  • Disable theme and plugin editor in admin interface
  • Block PHP executing from dashboard
  • Stop brute force attack
  • Block suspicious users, IP and bots
  • Disable directory browsing
  • Disable WordPress version
  • Change database table prefix
  • Change WordPress admin URL
  • Use correct file permissions
  • Track file changes
  • Use basic firewall settings
  • Deny access to log file
  • Disable XMLPRC and pingbacks
  • Handle sensitive data securely
  • Prevent spam
  • Periodic site backup
  • Scan site for malware
  • Monitor 404 errors
  • Protect “wp-config.php” and “.htaccess” files
  • Provide secure third party access
  • Use security plugin

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This is a free eBook on WordPress security created to help users to protect their sites from hackers and malware.


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WordPress Security Guide
WordPress Security PDF Guide