4 thoughts on “How to Install WordPress on Local Mac Using MAMP?”

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  1. Thank you for your amazing article. You have made the process so simple!
    Your article explains the process and uses screen shots, effectively guiding you through the process – the only one I have come across that does so.
    I have tried to setup WP on my local using 3-4 different sites without success.

    Thank you.
    Simply brilliant!

  2. Hi there…great article, but did not include a vital piece of info I’m trying to figure out.

    I have a successful local install of a WP site, using the default MAMP ports. However, now I’d like to install a second local site (and maybe more), so my understanding is I should change the MAMP web & mysql ports to 80 & 3306.

    But some questions:

    1. IS it actually necessary to change the ports for multiple WP installations on localhost per above, and if so, why?
    2. Assuming it is necessary, I did so…and I was no longer able to access my DB via phpMyadmin @ localhost:3306, nor the WP site @ localhost:80. The sequence was: MAMP was running/servers running. I stopped the servers, reset the prefs to the alt ports, and then restarted the servers…checked for the site & phpMyAdmin. Nada :-(
    3. If I do get this working, would I need to then switch the webserver document root in the prefs each time before starting the servers, to choose the applicable site? Would they both open via the same ports?

    Thanks in advance,

    • By default MAMP is meant for single virtual server and you should go for MAMP Pro for multiple servers.

      It will not work with switching ports or document root. You should tweak the Apache configuration file http.conf and the hosts file to define different document root for different virtual host server. (we did not try this).

  3. Thanks for the wonderful article, it was well explained with details and i could able to install it successfully following the instructions.


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