Gmail Keyboard Shortcuts

Gmail has grown to become one of the most popular email service owing to its numerous features and integration with other Google products and services. One of these features is the host of keyboard shortcuts that are specific to Gmail.

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Using mouse click to do everything can be very inefficient so learning how to use the Gmail keyboard shortcuts saves you time, thus improving your productivity. Most of these Gmail shortcuts involve a single key, making them easy to remember and use than multiple key combinations. You only need to enable the shortcut feature in Gmail settings.

How to Enable Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail?

  • Click the ‘gear’ icon on the top right corner of the Gmail interface and select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.
Gmail Settings
Gmail Settings
  • Scroll down under the “General” tab to find the “Keyboard shortcuts” settings.
  • Click the radio button to turn on the keyboard shortcuts.
Enable Shortcuts
Enable Shortcuts
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the “Save Changes” button. Now you are ready to start with the keyboard shortcuts in Gmail. Below, we have prepared a list of the shortcut keys you can use to perform a range of tasks without any mouse click.

Productive Keyboard Shortcuts for Gmail

There are shortcut keys for almost every task you need to do in Gmail including navigation, organizing your emails, reading and replying your emails among others.

Quick Navigation Keyboard Shortcuts in Gmail

DescriptionShortcut Key(s)Purpose
Jump through Gmail FoldersG + LetterA – Go to all mails (both sent and received)
D – Go to saved drafts
I – takes you back to the inbox
T- Opens the list of Sent messages
S – takes you to starred conversation
Switch between Sections and FeaturesG + LetterC – Takes you to the contact list
K – Opens the Tasks
L – go to Labels
Ctrl + Alt + .To switch to the next section ((Inbox/ Calendar/ Keep and Tasks Sidebar)
Ctrl + Alt + ,To switch to the previous section (Inbox/ Calendar/ Keep and Tasks Sidebar)
Search Shortcut keys/Shifts focus to the Search Mail
QTo search chat contacts
Shortcuts to Access GmailVOpens the “Move to” menu
.To open the “More Actions” menu
LTo open the “Label as” menu

Keyboard Shortcuts for Navigating/ Managing the Conversation Lists (Thread list)

DescriptionShortcut Key(s)Purpose
Shortcuts for Thread-list NavigationJ/KJ – to scroll down the conversation list
K – to go up the conversation list
G + N/PN – to go to the next page of the thread list
P – to move to the previous page of the list
`/ ~To switch between the Inbox sections (Primary, Social, …)
Shortcuts for Selecting ConversationsXTo check/uncheck a conversation on focus
* (Shift+8) + LetterA – selects all conversations
U – to select unread messages
R – selects read messages
N – to uncheck all the messages
S – selects all starred messages
T – selects all un-starred messages
Performing Actions on Conversation ListSTo star/ un-star the on focus conversation
MMute selected conversation(s)
EArchives the conversation
! (Shift + 1)To report the selected message as spam
YTo remove the label (in label view) or archive the conversation in the inbox view.
Shift + TCreates a task for the conversation
bTo snooze a conversation
#To delete the selected message (moving to Trash)
Marking Selected Conversation!ERROR! unexpected operator '/'To mark the conversation as important
-/_Marks as not important
Shift + LetterU – to mark as unread
I – to marks as read

Keyboard Shortcuts When Reading or Sending E-mails

DescriptionShortcut Key(s)Purpose
Shortcuts for Opening/ Closing a ConversationEnter or O keysTo open currently focussed conversation
Shift + Enter/ OOpens the current conversation in a new window
UCloses the open conversation, goes back to and refreshes the Mailbox/ label
Reading Messages in a ConversationN/ PMoves to the Next/ Previous message
Shift + NTo refresh the conversation
;/ :Expand/ Collapse the entire conversation
Shortcuts keys for Reply/ ForwardR/ AR – reply to the sender
A – reply to all
Shift + R/AStarts your reply in a new browser window
FForward the conversation
Shift + FForward conversation in a new window
Composing and Sending MessageCTo compose a new message
DCompose in a new tab
Shift + CCompose in new window
Ctrl + ./,Move to next/previous compose
Ctrl + Shift + CShift to Cc recipient field
Ctrl + Shift + BTo move to the Bcc recipients field
Ctrl + EnterTo send the email
EscSave message to draft and exit compose
Ctrl + Shift + DDiscard draft and close compose
Text FormattingCtrl + Shift + L/E/RTo align text to Left/ Centre/ Right
Ctrl + B/I/UTo Bold/ Italics/ Underline text
Ctrl + [
Indent less
Ctrl + ]Indent more
Ctrl +Shift + -/+Decrease/ Increase the font size
Ctrl + Shift + 7/8To add number/ bullet list
Ctrl + /To remove formatting

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